Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Marriage Made In Heaven

Very hot crispy french fries and sausage gravy. Like the kind you put on biscuits for breakfast. It was so beautiful. I wept.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

New Spring Auctions

Here's a bunch of new spring auctions. As always, FREE shipping for blogger buddies! :-) I will have about 50 new ones up by the end of next week~I hope. . .

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Greeting from the Frozen Tundra

We are up in Michigan for the long weekend. Kinda a last minute trip as we realized Caroline didn't have school Friday or Monday and Tim is pretty much unemployed these days! We are staying at the in-laws house and the fun part is they are in Florida so we kinda are just hanging out. We are always spending our time with family up here so we kind of came to see the folks we never get to see.

We went to see our friends, Kent and Jen, last night. They have the most awesome house right on Lake Michigan! Amelia and Greta had a great time playing with their boys, Weston and Grant. I think Amelia is smitten as ALL she has talked about since is her "new fwiend who is boy named Wess-on"! They took us to a great local joint that had a lizard in a cage which kept the small folk entertained all evening. Thanks guys!

Today we went to visit our alma mater, the awesome Calvin College. The girls loved it. Caroline was very concerned that it was too big and she would get lost "on my first day of school here." Amelia and Greta were just in awe of the CHEESE. Greta would say , "Big cheese, are you?" and Amelia repeated over and over that big cheese is "silly thing at a school!"

After the girls played "Here Is Your Future" and had to listen to me and Tim blather on about how much it had changed and endless stories of "here's where we did such-and-such" we went to the famous Yesterdog in Grand Rapids for chili dogs with my step-bros and their women. We then went to see Joel and Liz's new house which is a really cool 1910 place with awesome detail. Amelia and Greta traumatized their cats til the poor things hid so far even Joel couldn't get 'em out. Again, Liz, I am so sorry. Send me the bill for the kitty therapy.

Tomorrow we plan to spend the day with Tim's sister and family. My niece is 13 and makes for a great babysitter so we hope to have dinner WITHOUT the kiddies! On Monday we will head for home with a stop at Russ's on the way out of town. Hope y'all are having a stellar President's (Condi Rice in 2008) Day and we'll see you at home!

Friday, February 09, 2007


I always wanted my girls to have a blankie. Each one got a beautiful Gymboree blanket for coming home from the hospital. There was something so cozy about each kid having a blankie and it certainly helped with having a babysitter!

Caroline's was this beautiful fall one and this awesome navy one did not pay attention to it til she was older~like 3. Now she keeps it in her room and plays with her American Girl dolls with it. She still takes it on sleepovers.

Amelia was born in June and got this cute summer-y print one. She never once paid attention to hers so it's in a nice spot for "someday"

Greta got this great floral one. Really sweet. What does she pick to love? A very soft BUT very white fuzzy number from Aunt Christine. It was great for a January baby but so hot and sticky come summer. Greta loved that blankie to shreds. It has holes and a permanent icky smell that just won't wash out. This week was the end. She took it in the van somewhere and dripped that black melted snow/muck all over it.

At Target yesterday I kept showing her fuzzy blankets and asking if she'd like a new "go-ey" (kinda like Joey only with a "g") She said no, no, no. MY GOEY!! I gave up but bought a cute pink one with flowers just in case. At bedtime we gave her the new one and got her all excited about it. It certainly helped that once Amelia saw the attention she threw herself on the floor in protest that it wasn't hers. Once Greta saw that Amelia wanted it, she changed her tune and decided that a new goey wasn't such a bad idea. I am happy to report that old one is bye-bye and new sweet smelling blankie is tucked under her arm as she watches Dora.

OK, go ahead and comment about how mean I am. Tim already has. Until he thought about how many germs were in the old one. Now he's onboard with the new program!