Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New Auctions Up!

New auctions are up! Bid Bid Bid!! Click HERE and see. 1/2 off shipping for bloggy buddies and as always, win 5 in 5 days and shipping is FREE. I will be adding more big tonight and some stamping stuff and Longaberger tomorrow. I hope.

Monday, October 29, 2007

I Reserve the Right to Change My Mind

About a year ago I had this post that got some fun chatter going and a few "knickers in a twist." I then followed it up with this one. While I still hold to 95% of what I said~including the "no words on your behind" rule, I have come to overturn the "no shirts with sayings on them." I still say no to things like one I saw at Target that said "I want it. You buy it for me. " Gap Kids has brought me over to the dark side with these tops. So stinkin' cute on Amelia and Greta. So I changed my mind. Sue me. :-)

2-in-1 girly graphic T

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

BFF 4-Ever

I love my BFF. I actually am blessed to have a few but today I'm talking about Kary. We had such a great long lunch together. We both laughed about how it completely symbolizes why we're such great friends. It was lovely. Jupiter aligned with Mars and all was in perfect harmony. What was so great about lunch you ask? Must have been food cuz we love food. Nope, we were at McDonald's Playland. So it wasn't the food, although the fries were freakin' hot and fresh today! Was it the company? Not so much, we had Greta and Wyatt with us plus her 5 yr old Liam and 3 yr old Millie Mae (yes, that is REALLY her name). What made it fantastic was what we did. We made schedules. Yep. We sat down and made lists of everything we have to do in a week. Laundry, bathroom, bill paying, grocery shopping and meal planning. Everything stinkin' thing we are responsible for in the life of our families of 6. On a separate sheet of paper, we made a square for each day of the week. Then we plugged in each chore and now Kary and I each have a fabulous weekly schedule to keep us on the path!

The funniest part of all of this? We called each other on our cell phones and talked the whole drive home about how awesome our schedules are. Next week Tuesday~MEAL PLANNING!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Blinded By The Light

I think maybe I need some window treatments! I was waiting til I knew what I wanted but when your kids wear sunglasses to breakfast. . .

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

For more Wordless Wednesdays (And other neat stuff!) Go to 5 Minutes for Mom.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

More Cuteness

Not only were we on time for church, we had time for pictures!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

When the cat's away. . .

Tim is away at his annual guys' camping weekend so how did we fill the lonely hours without Daddy? We went SHOPPING!
This shirt says it all. "Here Comes Trouble" Love it!
Caroline has been wanting a Product Red top from Gap "forever" or how ever long "forever" is when you are 9.
I have been wanting this sweater from Janie and Jack since well, forever. I waited til they were marked down and I had a coupon. I paid less for this brand new than they are going for used on Ebay. Score!

Another one of Caroline's cute finds from the Gap. I do love that place!
Greta also got the awesome pumpkin sweater from Janie and Jack. It is SO pretty!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Fridays, Football, and Wyatt

Fall Fridays. I LOVE high school football. Unfortunately, unless we move, Wyatt will never have the chance to play. I cheered for football in high school and it was awesome. Even though we sucked lemons it was great. Cool crisp nights, the crash of the helmets (OK, it was usually the soft thud of the helmets hitting the turf in my day!) I just loved the whole package. Now the closest we get to high school football is watching our favorite TV show, "Friday Night Lights" If you have not seen this show, WATCH IT ! It is great and I have a crush on Taylor Kitsch who plays Tim Riggins. How cute is he?! :-)

Now for an update on my favorite little football boy. Ain't he the cutest?! My little teeny 5 pound boy is a 12 pound moose. He is SLEEPING. THRU. THE. NIGHT. Hallelujah!! He is doing great and is so sweet. I was at the resale shop last night and I found a bunch of cute things for him for next winter. I was a buying a few different sizes and the sales person says, "How old is your son?" I was like "Huh? Son?" She repeats herself. Then it dawns on me. My son! I have a son! How did that happen?!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Pink Ribbon Month

A few weeks ago I was googling a favorite cookbook author to see if she had any new cookbooks out. This is what I found instead. I about fell off my chair. IBC is the cancer that my mom died from and here my favorite cookbook author had it too! October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To quote my BFF Kary "Yippee skippy flapper doodles." I have such mixed feelings about BC awareness. On one hand, it is great that so much attention is paid to such an awful disease. We need all the research we can get and the higher the awareness is the more private $$ comes to fight this. On the other hand, it reminds me of all BC has taken from me. I no longer have a mom. I have a great stepmom who I love but she is still not my mom. It hurts to see my friends all drop their kids at Grandma's house for an afternoon so they can do something as selfish as going to the dentist or seeing their insurance guy. I was at the mall yesterday at Gymboree redeeming my Gymbucks (what fun that was!) and there were 3 Grandma/Mom/Granddaughter combos shopping. I don't have that fun of Grandma buying stuff for my kids. (Well, my mom was never the spoiling type anyway, but hey. This is my dream.) Linda was 53 when she died. When I was 20, 53 seemed O-L-D. Now at 35, it ain't old. What is also hard is seeing the survivors of BC. While I am happy for them and do not want to sound mean, it is hard to hear their rhetoric about not giving up and having faith that God healed them. My mom didn't give up or lack faith. God choose to take her and I do not know why. I do not want to try to figure out why. If I could understand God, I would be equal to God. I do not wish to serve a God who is as good as me since that would be pointless! So even though I am not a fan of this month's "awareness" I do want people to know what IBC is. So here is my PSA.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer is deadliest and rarest form of BC. The survival rate at 5 years is less than 40%. Most people have never heard of it. It does not present in the typical fashion with a woman discovering a lump. IBC grows in sheets just below the skin. It is also more common in younger women than older women. The first symptom most women notice is what appears to be a mosquito bite and redness on one boob. Often there is swelling and itching. It often mimics the symptoms of mastisis so docs send you home with antibiotics. For more info you can visit the IBC website or watch this video with lots of great info.

Another thing I am doing is helping to support Whymommy by spreading the word about IBC and what it is. She is a fellow mommy blogger with 2 little boys~ages 3 and 9 mos~who was recently diagnosed with IBC. Please check out her blog and leave a note of encouragement.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Indulge me for a minute. . .Let me gush about my kids

Caroline has always LOVED getting her pictures taken. Total camera freak. I don't think that kid has taken a bad photo in her life! These are no exception. Wow, she's growing up fast! Amelia on the other hand has always HATED it! I never really got a great picture of her. Til now. These turned out awesome. Wow, my kids are cute.

OK. Gushing over.