Thursday, October 07, 2010

Numbering Our Days

Do you ever try to figure out God? Look back on events and smack yourself with Romans 8:28? Try to take bumps in the road as "signs from God"? Try to put God in a box so that your own life makes sense? Yep. I'm guilty. The past 12 months have been about as rocky as can be and in my quest to make sense of it all, I have tried over and over to, well, make sense of it all. Every bit of bad news was because something better was coming. Every twist in the road had a purpose. We have been residents of Indianapolis for a whole 6 days and it appears that we've finally hit the end of the long and winding road but I keep asking "Why?" I keep trying to make the whole thing fit into a nice plan. I tell myself that God caused one thing to happen so that the "right" thing would happen. Is that true? My Calvinistic self bumps up against the concept of free will directing our paths. Yes, God is in control. Nice theological truth but how does that look in the messy reality of life? Do I choose Chick-Fil-A or McDonalds? Watch 20/20 or Dateline? Chocolate or vanilla? Keep job in Illinois or take a new one in Indy? I don't know the answers to those questions. The Bible tells me that God knows us by name and cares about the sparrows so even more cares about us, the crown of his creation. So as I look back over the last year with its ups and downs and mostly downs, it is the only true comfort to know that even though I can't wrap my brain around it, God does order our days. Maybe not our fast food choices, but definitely our days.