Monday, July 30, 2007

Free Candle for Me! Well. . .Maybe. . .If I Win. . .

One of my new favorite blogs to read~I Should Be Folding Laundry~is hosting a giveaway of these cool Febreeze candles. As my home smells of 2 children in diapers, this is a great thing. I wanna win! :-) So check her out!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

And Friends Are Friends Forever. . .la la la la la

Way back in the day, us Christian Reformed youth used to attend something called the Young Calvinist Convention. It was a 4 day gathering of several thousand high school students from all over the US and Canada. It took place at a university somewhere in North America. Tim went to 3~~Rhode Island, Arizona, and Washington DC, and I went to 2~~Washington DC and Kentucky. Funny story about both of us in DC but more on that later.

These conventions, while spiritually enriching, were a HUGE hook-up fest. NOT in the way the kids mean it today, just lots of opportunity to meet cute boys/girls who loved Jesus too. We used to have this thing called a Hug Line which was exactly was it was. All the girls would form a huge single file line that snaked around campus and the guys would come thru and hug the girls. It was great fun! Each week would end with what was called Koinonia. All 3000 of us would be in a sweaty gym for hours singing classic worship tunes and weepy songs like "Friends" and "Pray for Me" (What is it with Michael W Smith and CHEESY songs?!) There was an open mic where people would share their stories and then there was even more tears. We would then run around all night long saying good-bye to all our new friends~particularly those of the opposite sex.

Sadly, our church's student ministry does not participate in convention. Hopefully, by the time our kiddos are in high school, we will convince the Brickhouse powers that be that Convention is a must for all teens. Until then, join us in song "Packing up the dreams God planted. . ."

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Life As We Now Know It

I do intend to blog about something other than Wyatt but I really don't know what. He's pretty much the world right now. The girls are trying my patience as we try to figure out our new normal. I guess that's par for the course.

Kim, Jer, and Elise are coming for a visit next week. I'm really looking forward to that! I have also started sorting things for my back-to-school Ebay listings. Not as much volume this year but hopefully some big $$ anyway. Speaking of back-to-school, how many more weeks?!?! We got out class lists this week. Caroline got the teacher she was hoping for but all 3 of her BFFs are in the other class. So she couldn't decide whether she was happy or sad!

So that's about all in my life now. I spend a lot of time feeding Wyatt and watching the Food Network. Dreaming when I can cook again. Not just make dinner but really get in the kitchen and cook!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Wyatt's Two Week Check

We went for Wyatt's two week check up today. He's doing great. Up to 5 lbs. 13 oz and 18 inches~growing like a weed.

Things are going good here. We went to Josh and Sara's wedding this weekend. It was really a nice wedding. My aunt was teasing us that they could tell that Wyatt's was our 4th kid since everyone and their brother was passing him around at the reception. At one point we didn't even know where he was!

A prayer note~Wednesday is the anniversary of Jesse's stillbirth and Andrew's is next Tuesday. Please remember Brian and Shawnie and Jeff and Dawn through these two weeks.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ch. . .Ch. . .Ch. . .Changes

Wow. What a week it's been. My first week as mom of a little boy. And what a sweetie pie he is!

Things have been going good. Almost too good. Wyatt is sleeping and eating like a champ. Rarely cries except when he's had too much of his sisters love. He loves to cuddle and be held~almost always stops crying as soon as you pick him up. The diaper changes do have a me a bit befuddled! I am never quick enough and his poor little winkie is so red from the circumcision. Tim is not wanting to change his diaper which is kinda funny since he was the diaper king with the girls! I think he feels his pain, so to speak! He is sporting some fierce diaper rash which is also new for me. The girls NEVER had a problem at all. So if any of you have an idea for curing that on one so little, let me know!

This whole 4 kids thing is a bit of a shock to the system. I looked at the back of my mini-van on the way to church this morning and it appeared as if we had 30 children back there. Yes, we did make it to church today AND out for lunch to a sit-down restaurant. We were so proud of ourselves! The girls are adjusting too. Amelia and Greta are used to getting away with murder since Pregnant Mommy was Slow to React Mommy. Now I'm a bit quicker on the draw and they are reeling to catch up to the new plan. I am hanging on til he sleeps thru the night and I can come up with some sort of schedule for the whole house. Right now it's just go with the flow which is SO hard for me!

Knowing that Wyatt is the last baby for our family, I am trying SO hard to savor and enjoy the teeny phase. HOLD ON~He just sneezed. CUTE! CUTE! The sleep deprivation is killing me again but I actually feel pretty OK for having had a section. Some soreness from my incision and the very painful process of drying up the milk are about all I'm left with. That and a spare tire around my middle! WW here we come.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Really Cute Baby Pictures!

So which one do I pick for birth announcements? They will be black and white so try to ignore the green blanket. And I can crop them in . Which one?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wyatt's Wild Ride

I think there is a reason we had a cowboy name picked out all these years. Wyatt entered the world quite dramatically!

On Friday morning I went to the hospital~alone and not packed~for a Bio-Physical profile to check on the baby and to see if he/she was still breech. Dr McMahon got there, says "Don't even bother to put a gown on since you're probably going home. Let's have a look-see." So I got on the bed and she put the U/S wand on my tummy and lo, and behold, Baby is head down. Hallelujah! So I get into a gown, call Tim, and we're off! At 8:00 AM they gave me Cytotech which is a gel to soften the cervix and get things going. At noon they checked for progress and nothing was happening. So Dr McMahon came in and did another dose of Cytotech. We talked about my previous deliveries and decided to start the Pitocin at 4:30. We started up the Pit at 4:30 and around 6:00 Dr McMahon decided to break my water to speed things up. WOW! That was the most painful experience of my life. I sounded like one of those women who scream in childbirth! :-) I did not feel the gush that I expected with that so Meredith the Wonder Nurse suggested we get walking the halls to bring Baby down into my pelvis more. I got up to use the bathroom and started bleeding. And bleeding. And bleeding. I got really scared since I didn't remember it being like that with the girls' deliveries. I asked Meredith if that was normal and her answer was "Baby looks great." OK. So NOT the answer I was looking for. Before I could turn around Dr McMahon was there and checked me. She looks at Meredith and says, "I felt the head before but now all I feel is placenta. Jen, we need to do a C-section. NOW." Needless to say, I got really scared at that point. Things started happening really fast. Like "Grey's Anatomy" fast. They took me into surgery and started hooking things up to me. I got a spinal and a second IV line and all kinds of other goodies. Soon Tim was there and they start the section. Everything was very clinical for a few minutes. "Knife #1. Knife #1. Sponge. Sponge." Then I heard Dr McMahon chuckle. That was a HUGE relief because up until that moment I was scared to death. She says, "Tim, stand up." So Tim stands up and looks over the drape to see a BOY with his legs spread! The anesthesiologist says, "Dad, tell us the news." Dead silence. Finally, Tim says, "Um, it's a boy?" And then I threw up.

Then Wyatt started to cry that awesome newborn cry. The neonatologist took over, they gave him an IV for fluids and gave him some help breathing. I kept asking how big he was and if he was OK. They finally told me 5 pounds 2 ounces, 17.5 inches long. Wow. Teeny little boy. Tim went with Wyatt to the nursery and I stayed in recovery for an hour. I found out from Dr McMahon that my placenta was 40% abrupted and we made the right decision going to the C-section.

When I finally got back to my room it was an awesome party! Dad and Judy were there, Tim's parents, Caroline, ReeRee, Shawnie, Leenie, Megs, and Christine were all there. Dawn was there but graciously offered to take Amelia and Greta home to bed so my in-laws could stay. It was exactly what I had wanted. My family and best gal pals there to greet Wyatt and me. I almost cried. Or maybe I did but that was probably from the morphine pump.

So our sweet baby boy is here and we love him to pieces. His sisters are also totally smitten and fight over whose turn it is to hold him. Thanks to everyone for all your prayers and well-wishes. Without further ado, here's more pictures!

Monday, July 09, 2007


Wyatt Nathan
7-6-07 7:00pm
5 pounds 2 ounces
17.5 inches

Yep, you heard me right. It is a boy. And wow, what a wild ride! When I am up to it I will post his whole birth story but here's a picture of the teeny one.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Bass Ackwards

Last summer when Tim and I discussed having a fourth and final baby, we knew I would probably have ICP again but we figured other than that it would be a pretty problem-free pregnancy. Yeah, not so much. First, we had the debilitating "morning" sickness. Then as I started to feel better around 20 weeks, we hit the placenta previa. I was pretty bummed to hear that I would probably need a C-section since I really don't mind the actual birth part. So I spent as much time as I could resting to prevent early labor and bleeding. Fast forward to the next ultrasound where we learned the placenta had moved just enough to avoid a C section. I was so happy. I had a plan. I love a plan. Twice weekly non-stress tests to check up on Baby and induction on July 6. Yippee.

And now for the latest update on the never-ending pregnancy drama. I went in yesterday for a final ultrasound and non-stress test to check the cervix and make sure Baby's heartbeat is doing fine. Baby looks OK, heartbeat not "as responsive as I'd like" says the doctor but still steady and strong. BBBBUUUUTTTT the kid is BREECH!! Upside down. Greeting the world biscuits first. So there go all those plans.

So here's the new plan~and I use that word loosely as all of my plans have gone down the tubes! I get to spend my 4th of July upside as much as possible to try to get Baby to flip. I go in to the hospital Friday for an Bio-Physical profile which is a fancy U/S which measures breathing, movement, fluid levels, and a bunch of other stuff. IF Baby has moved, we go ahead with induction. If Baby has not moved, we try upside-down fun for a few more days and then I go back Tuesday for an External Cephalic Version to try and turn Baby for a regular delivery. If that does not work, I am stuck with a C-Section. The only small part of the news that is good is I get to skip my amnio. (If you have ever had an amnio, you know that they are NOT fun!) My doctor said she is delivering me by Tuesday regardless of the amnio so it wasn't really necessary. Her words, "I would rather have a baby with breathing issues than no baby at all." I was GLAD to hear that!

So I ask for prayers that this little one turns! Being that he/she (and NO I still do NOT know the gender!) is small, an old-fashioned delivery is better to help with the breathing too. Thanks and we'll keep y'all posted!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

No Photo Necessary

Just to illustrated how crazy a late-term pregnant woman can be, here's a story for you. Please block all mental images~especially people like my brothers who might be reading this! :-)

Last night I decided a good soak in the bathtub sounded wonderful. So I set about getting things ready, you know, a nice candle, dim the lights, a good book, some Michael Bolton (OK, no Michael Bolton. Ick.) You get the picture. I go to turn on the water and notice my tub is dirty. Like gross dirty. So what did I do~naked and very pregnant? I cleaned the tub. Almost passed out from lack of oxygen from standing on my head to reach all the way back into the tub.

I had a very nice bath. Thanks for asking.