Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Peeing In a Cup is Not a Spectator Sport

I had a bit of a last minute OB visit yesterday. Since it was last minute, I needed to bring Greta and Amelia with me. OK, we can handle this. Lots of bribes, a handful of little people, and a bag of M&Ms should do the trick. And it did. With 2 exceptions.

As one must do at all OB appointments, one must tinkle in a cup. Now this is hard enough with a pregnany belly in the way but with an audience of 2 very interested little girls it was near impossible. And the entire office heard play-by-play. With an echo. So here I am. Seated on the throne with a girl at each knee staring at my crotch like it was about to spew candy or something.

Scene 1. Setting: Bathroom at the OB office.

Ameila: "MOMMY! You went potty in that cup! Cups are not for tinkle. Cups are for drinking!"

Greta: "MOMMY! TINKLE! CUP!! POTTY!!! MEEE TOOOO! I do it myself!!!!"


Amelia: "Why you go tinkle in that cup? Now what are you doing Mommy? Why are you putting that cup in the hole? WOW! Mommy! That hole spins! Where did your tinkle go? (yelling into the revolving window to the nurses) GIVE BACK my MOMMY's Cup! There's tinkle in there!"



Amelia: "When I get big and have a baby come out my tummy I will get to go tinkle in cup. Not you Greta. You a baby."

Greta: "I NOT a baby. I Getta. I potty cup. I do MYSELF!!"

Did I mention that the walls are paper thin? I can hear the nurses chuckling.

SCENE #2 Exam room.
Amelia is laying on the floor with Little People up her shirt. Doc walks in. Doc is a woman.

Amelia: "Hi Nurse. I have a baby coming out of my tummy. Can you get the doctor to pull it out my bottom?"

Doc: "Hi Honey, I'm the Doctor."

Amelia: "No you not. Doctors are boys and you are a girl. Girls are nurses."

Seriously, this is what my kid said. Is she learning everything about medicine from Marcus Welby MD?! I'm shocked she didn't tell Doc that she was going to have her baby on the kitchen table in the log cabin! And who told her babies come "out the bottom"?!? Ugh.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Five

1. I am really caught up on Days.
2. My sciatic nerve doesn't hurt so bad since I'm not moving so much.
3. Laundry? What laundry?
4. Meals from people who are way better cooks than I!
5. More time to obsess over baby names.

1. They are not 1 yr olds.
2. They're love of dental hyegine.
3. Mullets.
4. When counting to ten, they love to yell their favorite number, "SEX!"
5. The Rainman-like repeating of everything.

1. I Wanna Be Sedated~The Ramones
2. Pour Some Sugar on Me~Def Leppard
3. Bad Reputation~Joan Jett
4. 9 to 5~Dolly Parton
5. Lord, I Lift Your Name on High~Petra

1. Feeling the baby move.
2. Not having to suck in my gut.
3. McDonald's french fries.
4. yeah, i got nothin else.
5. Nope. Nothin.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Ever since Caroline was about 3 we have gotten about once per trip in public THE COMMENT. It usually goes something like this.

"WOW! She looks exactly like that girl! You know, the actress one. From that movie with Sean Penn. What's her name?"

"Dakota Fanning"

"That's it. She looks JUST like her. Has anyone ever told you that?"

Since "Charlotte's Web" we have gotten the comment even more. Well, today while grocery shopping, I got it about Greta. Really? She's 2 and you compare her to a famous child actor who is 13? Oh well. I guess there are worse famous people my kids could resemble.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Since the naming post was such a hit. . .

Here's some new ones I have come up with the past few weeks. Feel free to honestly comment~~as if you wouldn't! These are names I like and kind of have been kicking around. They have either been suggested by someone or I have found them in books.

Ella Grace (as in one name, not first and middle)
Margaret (this is one I would break my no nickname rule on) Probably Meg or Maggie
Mary Kate~~I really like this but is it too Olson twins?

So whaddya think?!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Rose by Any Other Name

Ask any of my friends and they will tell you Pregnant Jen is obessessed with baby names. I have spent about 80% of the time of each pregnancy fretting over what to name the baby. I owe every baby name book on the planet. I am on a 9 month quest for the absolute prefect name.

I have always said some of this obessesion comes from the fact that I hate my name. Always have. I was one of a zillion Jennys so when Aunt Barb changed it to "Jenni" to separate me from her daughter "Jenny" I was so happy to be different. As an adult I still hate that whenever I call someone I always have to say my last name. I think of "Jennifer" as the ultimate bimbo name. I wanted to be a lawyer but "Jennifer" didn't have the same classic cool as "Katherine" or "Margaret" I also hate that my name screams "I WAS BORN IN THE 70's!"

So now that you know how much I hate my name, you can help name the baby. Baby Girl that is. Baby Boy has had a name since Amelia that will be used in the event of outdoor plumbing. Baby Girl is running out of options. We are looking for something classic and pretty. Timeless is good. A perfect example of a name we love is Abigail. But it is way too popular. Here's some other ground rules, so to speak.

1. At least 2 syllables. This is Tim's rule.
2. No repeat intials of what we have. So no C, A, or G. EXCEPTION if it is a different sound. Like "CH" instead of hard "C".
3. Nothing ending in "a"
4. Can't be in the top 50. This used to be 100 but beggars can't be choosy.
5. No "L" names. Sounds stupid with our last name.
6. No unisex names. This is also Tim's rule.

So have it! Give us some suggestions and maybe you'll come up with the winner!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all! We had a really nice day this year. Full of surprises! We started with our family tradition of making Easter story cookies Saturday night. If you have never heard of these, they are great. It is a mereiguene cookie recipie that has a Bible verse and lesson for each ingredient. The last thing you do before bed is put the cookies in the oven and "seal the tomb" like the did with Jesus. Then in the morning~~or after church if you don't want the kiddies eating cookies for breakfast~~you open the oven and find hollow cookies. Empty just like the tomb. Caroline read all the verses, Amelia chanted "My Jesus is ALIVE", and Greta just yelled "COOKIE!!" over and over forever!

Church was great this morning~good music as always. Tim was a bit annoyed that the band did a rocking rendition of "I Am Free" while we sat. He thought we should be standing. He was right but I was not about to stand up! I am Linda's daughter after all. . .

We had planned a quiet afternoon of chili dogs, the Sox game, and the Masters but some of our small group had other plans. They decided it was just wrong to eat hot dogs for Easter dinner so they called after church and invited us over. And I am so glad they did! We had a great time. The girls got to do an Easter egg hunt, we had an awesome dinner, and still watched the Sox game. Thanks so much guys!

And to top off a great day was the Masters. Zach Johnson is our new favorite golfer. We were rooting for him coming up the back nine. Nice Midwestern kid. BTW~When do you get old enough to call people who are 30 "KID"?!? We were so happy to see him win. And then they did the interview. And what did nice Zach say?

Q: Who do you need to thank?
A: My beautiful wife, new baby boy, parents, coaches, blah blah blah, AND Jesus, my Lord and Savior. This being Easter makes it so much for special. My faith means everything to me.

Well that sealed the deal here. Tiger who? We love Zach!

Here we are after church getting the cookies out of the oven. And below is Caroline reading the Bible verses while we made the cookies.
Here's Greta already to find some eggs. And notice Abbey is all bundled properly and my kid is not! :-)

And this has to be the photo of the day. Pure happy Amelia.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Who's Your 80's Heartthrob?

OK, I so know none of you can resist this one. (ree ree, I'm talking to you!) Anyone surprised by mine?

Your 80s Heartthrob Is
Michael J. Fox

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Who Am I?

Did anyone else have to do those reports in 3rd or 4th grade? You know, the one where you write a book report on the life story of some famous person and then read it aloud to class so they can guess who you are? I did Nadia Comanchi~~hey, it was the early 80's and I wanted to be a gymnast!

Well, Caroline is needing to pick a person to do a book report. It will not be presented the same way as I remember doing it so she can pick a person of either gender. She wanted to do Laura Ingalls but her teacher put the kebosh on that since Caroline already knows a lot about her. The point is to learn about someone new, I guess, which makes this difficult for me. And it is all about me.

So we need some input. Tim and I have mentioned everyone from Tiger Woods to George Washington. Tim voted for Susan B Anthony so he can find out why she's on the $1 coin. I voted for Medgar Evers and everyone said "Who?" Amelia suggested Cinderella and Greta said "Doggie" After a while we were cracking ourselves up with suggestions like Ryan Seacrest, John Calvin, Bill Clinton, Sanjaya, Peter Van Raalte and Margaret Sanger. Right now some of the front runners are Ronald Reagan, Martin Luther King Jr, and Abraham Kuyer. So we need some ideas. The biggest catch is we h ave to be able to find some books that a 3rd grader can read to gather info.

SSSSSOOOOOOO give us some ideas!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Am I Alone?

I often find myself on the internet~~reading blogs, learning more new things about my pregnancy, looking for the name of the song I heard on the radio, scanning Ebay for some new Gymboree duds, ect. When do I indulge in this activity? Mostly 2 times per day. Late at night when all is quiet and late afternoon when all is crazy and I want to escape. I usually feel some guilt about the fact my girls are screaming at each other and I am not making Rice Krispie treats with them. And then I get over it. It's really easy to blame this on the computer but it's not really it. Our moms didn't have the internet, they chatted on the phone. I have memories of my mom sitting at the kitchen table with a glass of iced tea talking to her friends while Kim and I did our thing. I really don't think media can be blamed for us mommies wanting to check out once a day. Heck, I bet Caroline Ingalls hid in the garden while Mary and Laura tore down the cabin!

Is it really so bad to ignore our kids once a day for awhile? I do love being an at-home mom, but I am a person who can only stand to read "Elmo Goes to School" 25 times before reaching for the vodka. I think it is so good for them to have some time to figure things out on their own. To not have mom showing them how to do the puzzle and how to set up the Polly Pockets. I also want my girls to see that being their mom is not the only thing I do. This is one area I think that my working girlfriends have it easier. It is obviously that "Mommy goes to work." Ask my kids what I do?

Caroline~write blogs, beat my sisters, put them down for naps
Amelia~work at the puter, watch TV, and eat around the clock
Greta~clean, play toys

OK, well, that's Mommy on Bedrest. Maybe I'll ask the question next year. So do you feel guilty when you ignore your kids to indulge in a hobby? Or just a mindless pasttime?