Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Campaign Promises

We were driving home from Bible study this morning and listening to talk radio. They were discussing the new economic stimulus plan. Rush was talking about the senate version and said "We don't need more money for food stamps!" Greta pipes up from the back, "Yeah! We don't need more money for fruit snacks!" There you have it voters. If you elect Greta she will veto any bill that proposes more money for fruit snacks!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I Dare You

Go ahead. Tell me I don't have the cutest baby boy EVER.

OK, so he does look a little bit like Squiggy. But Squiggy was cute. In his own special way.

He is just yummy. And 6 whole months old. He's 18 pounds and finally learning how to sit up. Sort of.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Aim High

In typical mother-of-four fashion I neglected to post for Greta's 3rd birthday a few days back. Miss Boo hit the Big 3 with much fan fare in Hilton Head. She told me today she was "sad because for my birthday we did not have a cake and lots of peoples like my friend Olivia." (Gee, thanks Shawnie!) I then reminded her she had cake and lots of peoples in Hilton Head AND she got a bike which she could ride because it was warm in HH. She giggled and said, "Oh yeah. I forgot. So when do I get another cake and another lots of peoples?" When you turn 4.

Here is Miss Boo assuming her favorite position, learned by her dear Aunt Kim. She got very mad when I interrupted Dora for a photo op.

Greta has grand plans for life. When asked what she would like to be when she grows up she answered, "The lady who gives kids cheese at Stracks and a princess." Well, we figure she'll be successful as the Princess of the Kingdom of Butt Crack.

Happy Late Birthday Boo! We do love you!

Monday, January 21, 2008


So I know y'all have been waiting with faded breath to see what decisions I came to regarding chores. I really couldn't decide which way to go~though I loved reading everyone's ideas.

**Note to self: If you are short on comments, give people an opportunity to tell me what to do. Most comments I have had since the Baby Naming Fiasco. Another example of y'all telling me what to do! :-)**

So I did what my wise sister would do. I actually have a bracelet that says WWKD? I watched lots of TV to come up with my answer. I hit everything from the beloved Supernanny to Kids by the Dozen and my favorite for household inspiration~The Duggar Family! OK, so the mom has a fierce she-mullet but she runs a tight ship and I want to learn from her. So here is what I have come up. Much of my plan is shamelessly swiped from the dress-wearing homeschoolers. I do not want to wear a dress or homeschool, but WOW. They are some smart chicks. :-)

In addition to the kids having specific chores, we all have our own area or jurisdiction. Everyone is responsible for their own stuff but each person checks their jurisdiction before stories can be read at bedtime. Here's the breakdown.

Lunches~helping the girls make lunches for school
Kitchen~clean up after dinner

Breakfast~planning and prepping
Dinner~planning and cooking
Office~straighten up, filing
Staircase (things pile up there during the day)
Laundry~'nuff said
Master bath~wipe down any gobs of toothpaste, clumps of ick

Hall bath~clean once a week
Kids' bath~clean once a week
Hallway (another place things pile up)

Family room~put away magazines, books, afghans, pillows, and the remote in it's home

Mudroom~make sure all shoes are in cubbies, hats ect in the basket, coats on hooks

Working on sitting up, moving to crawling

DAILY~the girls will unload the dishwasher, set and clear the table, and make sure their backpacks are ready and clothes are set out. Keep room neat and bed made~except Greta til she gives up her nap.

WEEKLY~put dirty laundry basket in hallway, put away clean laundry, take out trash.

So that's my plan. We discussed it at dinner and all were excited. Especially the little girls since we starting by telling them only Caroline got jurisdictions cuz she was big. They fell right into that trap! Stay tuned for Post #2~Theories on Allowance

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Did you do your chores?

I love Supernanny. She is so cool. I also love to watch because there is something gratifying about seeing people more screwed up than you! Tonight's episode featured a family with kdis who werew 7, 11, and 14 and had never done a chore in their life. Not one. Spoiled kiddos. The parents meant well, wanting the kids to be "happy" and have a nice life but in the process failed to teach them any life skills or values. Among my many pet peeves is helpless kids. Drives me crazy when I see moms at school carrying their 5th grader's backpack and coat for them. Are their arms broken?!?!

One of my New Years Resolutions this year is to re-vamp the chore list. Or to actually have one. The girls have to help with things~set and clear the table, clean up rooms, put away their laundry~but there is no specific list or jobs for them. I want to change that. My dilemma is what is age appropriate for each kid. I tend to expect too much of Caroline and not enough of Amelia and Greta. I also grapple with my slight leaning towards perfection. I kinda like things a certain way so I just end up doing it myself so it's my way. I know this helps no one. So I'm asking y'all here. What do your kids do? Is it posted, specific chores or more of a "we all help out" kind of thing? At what ages do you expect your kids to do certain things?

Another thought for comment. Are chores in your house tied to allowance? Should they be? I already have an opinion on this but I'd love to hear others.

Monday, January 07, 2008

I Have Been Remiss

Sorry about the lack of reading material. It has been C-R-A-Z-Y! We spent the Christmas holiday running from family party to family party. Lots of fun with 4 kiddos! They actually did pretty well. We spent the week in between in Hilton Head~post later on that.

The sad news of the week was this DUI crash. The mom~Bethany Griffin~was an internet friend of mine from my Gymboree/Ebay chat group. We had just spoken about trading some outfits as our girls were close in sizes. She had just emailed us all a pic of Vadie's new nursery the week before Christmas. She and I bonded over our political views~she had 2 dogs named George and Laura so you can draw your own conclusions there! Bethany had been thru a tough divorce but had just remarried and had Vadie with her new husband Danny. She was a great person to do business with, always adding socks or hair stuff to an outfit as a freebie which is a big deal in the Gymbo~world. She will be missed in our group and by her family. Also killed in the crash was her 10 yr old daughter Haley, 8 yr old daughter Lacie, 8 week old daughter Vadie, and 10 yr old step-daughter Jordan. Surviving the crash was her husband Danny, son Beau, and step daughter Sidney. Bethany's oldest son Brett was not with them at the time. You can visit the memorial website here.

Please keep them in your prayers. I know it's so over-said but please don't let someone drive drunk. This guy was so wasted that employees at Taco Bell noticed and tried to stop him. His family was with him when he was drinking and didn't stop him from leaving.