Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Want My MTV

I'm a proud member of the MTV generation. I remember when they played videos all day long. I watched "Remote Control". I permed my hair just like Nina Blackwood and firmly believed that it was Martha Quinn in the "Centerfold" video. (It wasn't.) Then MTV got dumb. Stupid reality shows and lots of flannel ruled in the 90's. Now MTV has made a comeback. Or at least in my little realm of reality.

There are two shows currently running that are truly well-made TV. Seriously. Like should be required viewing for all middle schoolers. Now I know that in my little Christian school world this in not a popular opinion. Heck, I'd probably lose my cheer coaching gig if some parents knew I would encourage their kids to watch (gasp) MTV. "16 and Pregnant" and it's spawn "Teen Mom" are intelligent and realistic without being so over-the-top, scared straight. We watch these girls struggle with the reality of teen parenthood from the pain of watching your friends go off to college without you to the daily reality of bills and colic. I have been on the receiving end of those looks that say "You are an awful mother" when I mention that I allow my daughter to watch such trash. I have watched every episode with Caroline and it has brought up all kinds of discussions. I am under no illusion that my daughters are immune to pre-marital sex and the risks that go with sexual activity. Yes, we teach them abstinence. Yes, they go to a Christian school. Do Christian school kids have sex? Um, yeah. I will use everything in my parental arsenal to help them make the right choices.

Today I watched a new show in MTV's line up. "If You Really Knew Me" focuses on cliques and stereotypes that are predominate in high school. We all remember the cool kids, the nerds, the jocks, the artsy types, the band geeks. I'm looking forward to watching this one with Caroline also. I want to encourage my kids to be who they are, not who they are expected to be by some crazy stereotypes or some box they got put in in fourth grade.

So band with me watch MTV with your kids!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

THIS is what I do all day

So what do you do ALL DAY LONG? I have been asked this question no less that a zillion times. Ya really wanna know? I'll tell you.

4:12 am - 4:44am Listen to thunder and husband cursing thunder.

5:08 am Husband's alarm goes off. Thank you, Jesus. Now I can get some sleep!

7:26am Amelia peeks in my face. "Mommy! Are you awake?" I am now.

7:30-8:15 Shower and other incidentals.

8:15-8:40 Welcome three more children to spend the day and chat with said children's mother about the large Uzbekistan-shaped welt on my thigh.

8:40-8:45 Inhale cold leftovers from dinner for breakfast.

8:45-9:00 Become distracted by an old episode of MTV's "Juvies" because my friend Lloyd is the attorney. Cool.

9:00-11:00 Take two children to the Urgent Care to check out said welt. Feel like a statistic without health insurance. Try not to scratch. Answer a thousand questions about what this is. And what that is. And why that lady is so fat.

11:00-12:00 Browse Target while waiting for script to treat said welt. Dodge Dutch people. Duck behind giant Back to School display to scratch.

12:15-1:30 Feed leftover children, change a diaper, throw in a load of laundry, unload and re-load the dishwasher.

1:30-1:54 Eat my own lunch while watching the last episode of MTV's "16 and Pregnant" Poor Kailyn. Her mom's a . . . .not nice lady. Man, I love that show.

2:00-3:00 Clean up kitchen. Return reluctant paci-less boy to his room. Repeat. Pick up family room. Return boy to room. Sing "Jesus Loves Me" which was NOT what he wanted. Evidently, he prefers "Jesus Twinkle Star". Not sure of the lyrics to that.

3:00-3:42 Clean up kitchen. Again. Hand out popsicles. Hand out juice. Tell the children for the 89th time today. "NO standing by the neighbor's pool while looking hot and pathetic." Sing "Twinkle Star Jesus" Chase the dog down the street. Free boy from his room. Clip 30 toe nails and 30 finger nails.

3:45 Give up and blog.

4:00-4:19 Unload dishwasher. Make dinner.

4:30-Bedtime. Cradle a fifth of vodka.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Griswolds Go To Fireworks

So as it turns out, we have a lot in common with the Griswolds. Last night we decided to take the kids to the beach for a late afternoon swim, picnic dinner, sand dune running, and some cute pics. As we are driving into the Indiana Dunes National Park, we notice an awful lot of evening beach goers. Seriously. Who goes to the beach at 6:00pm? Well, as the clueless as the Griswolds, we stumbled upon Fourth of July fireworks on the lakeshore. Turned out to be the funnest evening of the summer. The weather was great and the kids had the best time ever. They had never been to Lake Michigan beaches and were in love.

Happy smiling sandy children.

Caroline and I with the ever-useful self portrait.

This was my attempt at artsy fartsy. I am an awful photog. Someday I'll learn. . .

Caroline is almost 12. Wow. How did that happen?

Amelia just turned 7 and is sporting a toothless, grin. I LOVE toothless kids.

Greta is 5~"just plain 5, not 5 1/2 yet". She loves to have a camera pointed at her!

Wyatt is almost 3 and nowhere near diaper-free. Oh well. He's still cute as a speckled pig.

The reasons for my gray hair. Cute, ain't they?