Friday, September 29, 2006

Grab their jerseys, grab their jerseys. . .

I adore high school football. Seriously, it breaks my heart that my girls will miss out on it. The cool fall air, smashing helmets, cheering cheerleaders, the pep band playing "Peter Gunn", hot chocolate, smoking under the bleachers, and on and on. Oh the joy. And THIS makes me miss it even more. Can ya freaking believe it?!? Us who lived and cheered for the Knights of the 80's. When we did not win ONE game. I remember cheering for a game where we lost 88-0. Yep, 88-0. That was the game that my dad invented the "Grab their jerseys" cheer. He thought "hit 'em hard" cheers were useless. He was right.

I think we will move. Homecoming is next weekend. . .anyone game?!?!?!?!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A little help here, please. . .

My bow business is really starting to take off! It helps to use your girls as advertising! I'm going to be taking some to a new boutique that opened up here in town and hopefully she'll buy some to stock there.

SO, I need a name. I want something cute and memorable~and a bit snobby is OK too. I'm hawking these babies to moms who can and will pay $14 for a set of hand-made bows. My main market is mostly moms but think moms are girly-girls and have all girls and love the girly stuff. Moms who have had a few boys before girl arrives so they are itchin' to go nuts with ribbons and lace. My best ones are Grandma's who have had all sons and now have granddaughters!

Kim's suggestions were "Bows by Jen~They Even Make an Ugly Baby Cute" or "Bows by Jen~They Draw the Eye Upwards" PLEASE give me something more useful than Kim did!

Also, a few of you have inquired about bows for your little gals. I would love to set you up at a discount as long as you tell everyone who askes where you got them from! :-) Let me know soon as I'll be starting Christmas stuff this week! Here's a pic of a set I made to match something for someone~the fringy stuff matches a horse sweater with yarn "hay" on it.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sunday, September 24, 2006

You Can Put It On the Board. . .YES! Er, Um, NO

It official. My beloved White Sox will not be winning their division this year. Boo hoo. We still have like a 4% chance at the Wild Card but probably not. So it is over. It was a great ride but now it's back to being just a basic ball club. At least it will be easier to get tickets next year. This was the first year in as long as I can remember that I didn't go to one game. Too many band-wagon-jumpers buying all the tickets.

Now it's time for some football!!! GO BEARS

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Yet Another Skank Post. . .

Just wanted to add one more thought. . .

I was just watching Tim and mine's (that is SO grammatically wrong, but I dont' know what's right) favorite guilty show, Two-A-Days. It's all about high school football~which by the way we just figured out that our girls will never get to have high school football games. Boo hoo. Anyhoo, some of the girls on there were dressed in very short skirts, low-cut tops, ect. Another reason I fight it now, is that soon they will be in high school. I want to have a foundation set for that. I want them to know what's not appropriate and have in ingrained in them. Secondly, if I start "just a bit" now where will it be when they are teenagers? We work with lots of teenagers and have had to tell girls they can't play pool cuz the guys are lining up behind them to watch them bend over the pool table. We have had to give them sweatshirts to put over their tops because they are too skimpy.

OK, I'm done.

What is a Skank?

First off, I just borrowed the title from a book I saw at B&N last week and I noted that on the post. I called no one a skank. The title made me chuckle so I used it. I talked about what was in the stores. I was making a point about how choices are somewhat limited when girls get out of the 2T-4T range. I said nothing about limiting choices to Little House dresses. I listed Hanna, Lands End, Gymboree, and even LTD2. Only of which Hanna could be accused of carrying Little House dresses. I am talking about exactly what I said, "gauzy tops and pencil skirts"

I am also talking about little girls not teenagers. I have no problem with a jr high girl wearing a trendier outfit~sheer top with cami, tighter fitting jeans. I am talking about little girls. When I wore big belts and tight jeans, I was 13 not 8. There is nothing wrong with fashion and trends. I love to go shoppping with my oldest (and hallalujah she loves it too!) I just get frustrated by the lack of choice. Things seem to be too babyish or too teenager-ish.

About the shirts with sayings, look again at the ones I linked. I was referring to ones with "snarky" sayings. I saw one out today that said, "If you catch me, I'll just lie" While I am not a fan of the "Princess" shirts, I said nothing about parents being unfit or uncaring if they let their daughter wear one. I thought my point on that was very clear. I think it emphasizes what they are instead of who they are and that's what bothers me.

This is a Bratz doll. And here is a Bratz Baby. Starting with the name, um, Bratz? I have a hard enough time with my girls acting bratty, why make it cool? And that much make-up and skimpy clothing is not something I want them to model after. And for the record, we also own no Barbies.

And note to Carol, I make a profit every season on my girls' clothing. So I spend less than zero. And about 80% of their closets are from resales or Ebay. Caroline gets a "budget" when we shop and she knows that she can spend it on one sweater or 4 outfits. It's her choice. I think that teaches her a lot about wise spending and materialism. It's not about looking "just so" Fashion and putting together an outfit is something she likes to do~it's a hobby~and she knows that. We talk about it everytime we shop. My other girls might not enjoy it like Caroline does. We'll have to see. . .

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Stop Dressing Your 6yr Old Like a Skank*

Those of you who read my blog regularly~and there seems to be less and less of you these days~might have noticed a new button on my sidebar. It says "Moms for Modesty" and it is one of those online petition things. Now before you point and laugh at me, I do realize that online petitions do not save the world. But I also thought it was a good opportunity as the mom of girls to add my "Amen and preach it sister!"

This issue of appropriate clothing for little girls has driven me crazy since Caroline moved into the 4-6 size range. Before that we were happy at Target or Kohls or Babies R Us. While the quality sucks at all those places, we did find cute things. And for me it is not so much about "showing skin" I have no problem with the girls wearing tank tops or shorter skirts (ONLY if there are built-in shorts underneath) It is about making them look like little adults. I don't need Amelia to have a black pencil skirt with a silver chain hanging off it or Caroline to wear a gauzy see-thru top with a cami under it. I also detest those T-shirts with snarky sayings on them. Like this or this . We already fight against the attitude why enforce it? I also hate the Tshirts that say "Princess" While I am all about developing self-esteem in my girls, hello, let's talk about modesty! How 'bout a T shirt that says "Really good at soccer" or "Bakes a mean brownie" Let's focus on all the great talents they have instead of how cute or spoiled they are.

This quest is what brought me to Gymboree in the first place. I have been a Gymboree fan for years but their newest line has yoga pants that say "CUTE" on the buttinski~for baby! Why on earth do we need to DRAW ATTENTION to a toddler's biscuits?! I complained to the store manager. We are big fans of Lands End , Hanna Andersson, and I am even branching out to a very FEW pieces from Limited Too.

And while we are fixing this world problem, can we PUH-LEEZE get rid of Bratz dolls?!?!?! I am sick of Caroline coming home in tears because the neighborhood girls are playing with them and she's not allowed to. She understands (we point them out at the store and talk about how they are inappropriate) but it's still hard to be left out.

**Stole this title from this book which I'm dying to read!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Some Random Bible Fun

Here's a fun quiz. I am a Jerry Falwell Christian. Not so glad to hear that~not so much a fan of 'Ole Jer. Oh well. I think I fit more with George Bush Sr. but I do love me some sweet tea. So what kind of Christian are you?!?

You view the Bible as historically accurate and divinely inspired. You go to church every Sunday, with the Good Book in a Bible cover, and Wednesday night for Bible study. You've read at least one of the books in the apocalyptic "Left Behind" series, prefer your iced tea very sweet, and suspect Bill Clinton has murdered somebody somewhere in Arkansas. You're furious that people actually believe "The Da Vinci Code" and have bought a book debunking the novel. You wept uncontrollably all three times you went to see "The Passion of the Christ" and have ordered the DVD in bulk to give copies to friends. You may watch Eternal Word Television Network, and you adore Dr. Laura, Chuck Colson, James Dobson, and Rush Limbaugh. You enjoy some episodes of "Joan of Arcadia" but think it's not reverent enough--"Touched by an Angel" was better. If you're Catholic, you go to Latin Mass and weekly confession, though you don't have much to confess. You think homosexuals are sinful but try periodically to love them. You think the surrounding culture is so polluted that you shop at Christian bookstores, listen only to Christian radio and send your kids to Christian or parochial schools--or homeschool them. You give generously to your church and Christian charities. The Bible provides you not only a direct connection to God but a roadmap for how to lead your life.

Weigh In

Here we go again.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Let's All Go To Confession

I am not Catholic but there are certain practices of the Catholic church that I have always thought highly of. One of those things is confession. While I do believe that coming before God and confessing our short comings is better done without the priest interceding for us, I do like the theraputic component of confessing to another living person without the burden of them "knowing" you. It gives a certain freedom. Even though my BFF totally knows me, I care what she thinks of me. Anyhoo, here's my confessions for the day. Feel free to add your own.

1. I told a white lie to get out of something I didn't want to do.

2. I didn't stick to my budget this week.

3. I really like Nick Lachey's new song.

4. I said not-so-nice things about someone (only to my husband, not the whole world) because they hurt my feelings.

Friday, September 15, 2006


I have the stomach flu. It sucks. The last thing I ate was Mexican with 2 good friends 24 hours ago. I am feeling well enough to blog quickly and send Tim to the store for chicken soup. He took the day off work so I could go shopping all day yesterday with Dawn, Shawnie, Anne and Kathleen. Shawnie and Anne had the flu so it ended up jsut Dawn, Leenie, and me. (We had a wonderful time.) AND THEN he stayed home today so I could alternate between puking and sleeping. He's been outside cleaning out the garage with the girls since 2:00. That ladies is true love for me. You can keep your kissy-smoochy and flowers and gifts. I'll take this anyday.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Weigh In

It's weigh in time girls! Post it here. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Remember, the first week is the easiest.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Jen's Report Card for Today

~Caroline was sitting on the front porch waiting for carpool this morning. We were car #3 in line for drop-off and pick-up at preschool.

~Breakfast was cold cereal, no fruit, no juice. Lunch was Wheels and Cheese. Dinner was better~PB&J, carrots, and string cheese. I did grocery shop. Opened up a pack of cheese to shut Greta up. First time I ever did that.

~Greta had a bowel emergency at Target and I had no wipes. At least I was at Target where one can buy wipes, a whole box of 'em as they do not have little travel packs. Still no folder for Amelia's school bag.

~Got 3 loads done AND folded. (But that's only cuz Days was good and I folded while I watched.)

~Made a budget for the business and paid 2 bills. 18 more to go. Went to the bank to deposit paycheck before checks start bouncing.

~ I did not clock Amelia upside the head when she colored with NON-WASHABLE markers all over these capris and this top that she wore for the first time today. I also did not clock Caroline for leaving her bedroom door open to allow access to such markers.

~I was really good til I just ate a chocolate chip cookie. It was that or clock Amelia.


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

And here we go. . .

So is everybody ready?!? Or least the people who are not big fat chickens. Post your starting weight, goal weight, goal date, and how the heck are ya gonna get there from here. Maybe a short-term non-number goal, like fitting into a certain outfit or accomplishing a certain exercise feat. Whatever.

Friday, September 01, 2006


Ok gals, here it is. A challenge. Almost all of us have been bemoaning the fact that we are oxen. (Amanda excluded cuz hey, she's got a good reason) So here's the plan. Starting Tuesday Sept 5 we are going to have a weight loss/get in shape challenge. I know I need accountability and someone to run to when the pull of the drive-thru is too much. Every Tuesday I will put up a post to check-in. Respond in the comments with your weigh-in and goals for the week. And we will hold you to them!! Do whatever "program" you want~I'm going to do WW b/c that has worked for me in the past and I'm familiar with it. Do Atkins, do fat grams, do B4L, whatever creams your twinkie (mmm twinkies. . .)

Comment on this post if you're in or not. I know Kim is in MI til Tuesday but I want a response from everyone else. Eat, drink, and eat some more this weekend. It's Mardi Gras for Dutch people. On Tuesday I will kick it off so be ready to post your current weight, your goal weight, a goal date, and your plan of how to get there.

Happy Girl/Sad Girl

Greta's blankie is in the washer and she is NOT a happy camper. Notice the red-faced screaming and goo running down her face.
French fries by the handful make everything better.