Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What Did You Learn Today?

Why do you like to read? My sister-in-law says she likes to read to veg out~"nothing too serious that makes me have to use my brain." My sister only likes to read things that tell her what time her favorite shows are on. I have lots of friends who only read "Christian" fiction and just as many who shun the genre. I love to read to learn. If a topic interests me, I read about it. Ask my small group friends about our trip to an Amish area. They were ready to throw me out of the van because I kept spouting off bits of Amish trivia. I especially like to read fiction in which I learn about a subject. I just finished a great book that did exactly that. "Keeping Faith" by Jodi Picoult is all about a child who appears to have healing powers and shows stigmata. I had heard the term but really knew very little about stigmata or any other Catholic signs or miracles. I won't give away the story but I really learned a lot about the Catholic faith through this story. Now I spend time googling all kinds of interesting stuff about the historic church. Then when the small group is ready for a trip to Rome or the Holy Land, I will be ready!

QOTD~What good book have you read that taught you about a subject you knew very little about?


kkoois said...

books are for nerds

amanda said...

The Berenstain Bears Learn to Share...lol.

ms leo said...

i'm not as much into history or fact books, but i am totally into fiction. though, i do like to read the occasional 'brain candy' too.

currently, i've finished one and a half vonnegut books (very interesting!), about 2/3 of 'the kite runner' (very, no, VERY sad! but also kind of factual - about the afghanistan war ca. 1980's), and couldn't stand the author of a book of essay's i bought (so i haven't read very much of it though i LOVE reading personal essay collections).

so, in short, not so much fact-finding missions, but not brainless entertainment all the time either... that's my style.