Friday, February 06, 2009

Gracie is Home!

The absolute cutest little thing I have ever seen! She weighs about 2 pounds and is so small you almost step on her! She has settled in here well after some nicotine withdrawl. Seriously. She was shaking SO hard most of the first day. . .I know she was just scared but we joked that she was having nic fits after her first home. The kids love her and she already knows to run from Wyatt. He just can not keep his hands off her!
Doesn't she look EXACTLY like the puppy on your 7th grade Trapper Keeper?!

This is how Wyatt spends most of his days~trying to convince Gracie to play with him. This shot gives you a little idea of how teeny tiny she is.


Mommy Brain said...

I can't believe how small she is and how big he is!

ReeRee said...

Where is the little princess sleeping..does she whine all night?? Cute.

Ann(ie) said...

That pic of Wyatt and Gracie is SOOOOOO stinkin adorable!!! That's a keeper!

♥ Bekki said...

What a sweet little pup!! Absolutely precious.