Monday, March 09, 2009

Menu Plan Monday


Monday~Bacon Cobb Pitas, Chips

Tuesday~Honey Mustard Pork, Veggies

Wednesday~Chicken Chili Cheese Cups, Zucchini

Thursday~Cheeseburger Hoagies, Veggie Sticks

Friday~30 Hour Famine


Sunday~JOY Group


Clair said...

Hey Jen! I cna't find your email . Could you email me? I'd love that guest post this week if poss. Things are quiet (finally!) Thanks! Email me at mummydeals at yahoo dot com

RockinMama06 said...

I just read your guest post over at Mummy Deals and wanted to thank you so much for that article! People think I spend a ton on my daughter's clothes and should know by now that I am notorious for working the sales! Case in point, clearance, sale shopping and coupon stacking one time at Osh Kosh and I got 50+ items for just over $1 each!