Sunday, December 06, 2009

Why You Won't Be Receiving a Chirstmas Card

Caroline is telling everyone to shut up and Wyatt is unwilling to give up the pipe.

Amelia looks good here.
If Mom had a clue how to use her camera, this one could have worked. Perhaps.

At least Gracie looks cute.

Evidently, Amelia has issues.

Wyatt is done.

This was about as good as it got.


Traci said...

Totally the best blog post ever!!! Even if they aren't all cute at the same time they are still super cute!

ReeRee said...

This made my day!! Loved it!!

Seana said...

Oh, they are still cute and I can't even get one to smile while looking at the camera!

kkoois said...


Dionna said...

I wonder why we feel like we always have to put our best side forward? Maybe we should simply put what "is" - our normalness? I love the imperfections that create a family. It's called character. :)

mommy to an angel said...

OMGoodness, I'm dying here!
THIS should have been your Christmas card...a collage of bad photos ;-)
Just wait until you get mine...I have to admit, the're pretty funny this year!

Mommy Brain said...

The one with Wyatt laying down playing with a hatchet axe is my favorite!!! Thanks for the laugh!