Thursday, May 05, 2011

K-LOVE and Chick-Fil-A Part II

So where was I? Oh yeah. June 1995 and we weren't moving to Atlanta. Police jobs were hard to come by in Michigan so we moved our vast collection of T-shirts and shot glasses to the beautiful 'burb of Alsip. Yep, it's as lovely as it sounds. We found a little condo to rent above Marge Simpson's sisters. The Husband spent his time testing at suburban Chicago police departments and working at the family business. I actually got a job I loved. . . .teaching abstinence-based sex ed in the Chicago public schools. It was seriously awesome!

Best quote EV-AH from that job. A particularly sharp 7th grader said

"But I'm sure yo did the nasty when you was a teen cuz you ain't ugly. Everybody know only fugly chicks don't do it."

M'kay. Thanks. I think.

So it was 1995 and our BFF's were in an equally crappy apartment and equally poor. We spent our free time playing Euchre and watching Must See TV with Dunkin' donuts that we bought after 8:00pm so they were 50% off. Police jobs just weren't panning out. I remember one testing he went to with over 1000 other job seekers. That department was hiring 2 officers. His chances were about as good as his chances of winning American Idol. My dear Grandma had a great observation.

"Seems like you gotta be a black lesbian who speaks Chinese to get a job in Chicago. Or a Daley."

M'kay. Thanks Grandma.

So after banging our collective heads against a wall for a good six months, The Husband decided to become a trucker. Yeah. Just like "BJ and the Bear" and "Smokey and the Bandit". Starting saying things like "How 'bout ya there, ConWay?" Or calling the orange construction cones "Schneider eggs" and rest areas "pickle parks". He was all in. Thanks to some seed money from family, he started his own trucking company and for several years things were looking rosy. Well, rosy-ish. Maybe a slight rosy tint. I was busy birthin' babies when things started to hit the skids so I can't really remember all the details. Suffice it to say we had one child and a decent income. It was the late 90's and the housing bubble had yet to pop. Good times were had by all.

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Christine said...

OMG the stories I could tell.
~ but you are lucky cause my mind is going...can't even remember my stinkin blogger password!