Thursday, September 08, 2011

Because a simple post about the school bus was not enough . . . .

It's over. Summer is over and it's 65 degrees out. Can I get a "woo hoo"? The short people need some space. I can't possibly listen to one more brawl over who is breathing on who. It is time for them to go to the Happy Place~school.

This year brings a lot more mixed feelings for me because Amelia and Greta are going to public school. Take a moment to tsk-tsk, pray for me, accuse me of not trusting God, or to generally write me off as someone you will no longer count as a friend. Even better, count me as someone to pity. Heck, I'll even wait while you talk about me behind my back.

K? Y'all done now?

I have been involved in Christian education as either a student or a parent since 1977. I KNOW what people say about those who make the choice to enroll their children in a local public school instead of the Christian school. I have heard the comments. I have seen the heads wagging and the looks of superiority. I have heard the pain in some friends' voices when they speak of the shame they feel for making this choice. Obviously, we care more about money than our children's souls. We don't trust God to provide. We just don't understand that they teach kids about sex in the 2nd grade at public schools. Don't we know that 4th graders do drugs at public schools?

No one is a bigger fan of Christian education than I. I grew up in Christian schools. I have had at least one child enrolled in one for the past 8 years. One of my favorite words is "worldview" and the Christian schools teach a Christian worldview. (Thank you, Captain Obvious.) It becomes a bit harder when Christian schools become a place that only children from well-off families can go. I'm sure Dave Ramsey would hack up a lung if he knew that there are people that spend up to 50% of their income on private schools. I'm not here to argue about what school choice is superior. I am here to remind you that it is exactly that~a choice. A very personal choice that is made with a lot of prayer and angst and faith. It takes a lot more faith to send your child to a public school than the Christian school.


Mommy Brain said...

Who got all up in your business about this? Our God is greater, our God is stronger, God you are higher than any other... If someone has an opinion about the way you choose to do your family w/o considering where you stand then it's time to walk away.

Another part of the reformed perspective is that we are not called to isolate ourselves from culture but to reform the culture we live in...this philosophy has long been given lip service but has not been practiced in traditional circles. It's about time the hypocrisy is exposed. That's not to say Christian schools are bad, a large % of our income is dedicated to one, however it is to say that maybe Christians view this world a little too black and white.

We have 3 in a Christian school and 1 at public and I love both of schools. I was shocked by this realization because I had grown up to believe public schools were "subpar" but that was not the truth...and quite frankly, I'm ashamed.

Hope Greta and Millie, and Caro have great years this year!

Kim said...

Ugh...this subject always makes me angry. I just want to say "get over yourselves" to those with a "superior" view...

Three of my siblings went to public school. It started that way because my brother had special needs and Southwest couldn't accommodate him. He has since graduated from college - which they implied would never happen. Whatever. My siblings always felt like outcasts at church. A big part of why I moved away from that community is because of how my siblings were treated - I never want my kids to fell that way.

Your kids will be amazing because of how YOU raise them, not because of what school they go to.

Amy said...

Did you see that article in the Banner--I think it was August??? He wrote about a Reformed perspective towards public schools. It was really well written.