Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tofu anyone?

I was just watching a new show on TLC called "Honey, We're Killing the Kids". It was basically a spotlight of on family's eating habits and nonexistant exercise. A nutritionist came in a showed the parents computer images of what their kids would look at 40 if they didn't change their ways and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Then the cameras filmed the mayhem that ensued as the parents tried to convince their offspring that tofu is preferable to pizza and that XBOX is not exercise. As I watched, I had 2 opposite reactions.

1. I need to get my butt off the couch or I will look like them soon.
2. I don't have Twinkies in my pantry so I'm all good. Anyone up for a McDonald's run?

As the mom of girls and a woman who has struggled with my weight, I am boderline obessessed with preventing weight issues in my girls. Sometime I worry about turning them into little buliemics but overall I have really tried to talk about healthy foods and limit TV to 30 min a day in bad weather and none on nice days. (With the obivious exception of White Sox games and American Idol) Caroline eats really well~prefers apple slices to french fries, loves all fruit and most veggies. Loves to ride her bike and play outside. Amelia is again another story! That girl never met a cheeseburger she didn't like. I have discovered that reverse psych works great on her.

Mommy: Oh! What a yummy carrot! None for Mimi, just for Mommy.
Amelia: Mimi not like carrots. Carrots yucky.
Mommy: Oh, too bad. This is one yummy carrot but you can't have it.
Amelia: Mimi want carrot. SCREAM!!
Mommy: Are you sure? I thought Mimi didn't like carrots.
Amelia: Mimi like carrots. Carrots yummy! (Mimi gobbles up about 10 baby carrots)

And Miss Greta Boo will eat anything. Peas, corn, fruit, cheese, french fries, lint, Bounce dryer sheets, dirt, socks, and anything else she can fit in her mouth.

So now Tim and I are again trying to improve and lose a bit more weight. Though with my track record I'll just end up pregnant. Wish me luck.


JD said...

You left out dogfood... if greta is anything like ryann, she will love a delicious snack of dog food every once in a while

Josh Leo said...

haha dryer sheets... wow so no tv on nice days? and only 30 on bad days... wow I guess I was spoiled...but please let them culturally discern their media when you think they are ready!

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