Monday, May 08, 2006

50 Random Things About Jen. . .

1. I am not a natural blond.
2. I have a degree in Communications.
3. I am one class short of a degree in Political Science.
4. I do not drink enough water.
5. My first job was at County Seat selling Guess jeans.
6. My CDs are alphabetized.
7. So are my cookbooks~by genre and then author.
8. I love the Food Network.
9. I can not work my flat iron.
10. I love Wendy's.
11. I am terrified of having a baby boy.
12. U2's "The Joshua Tree" is my favorite album ever.
13. I want to be a writer.
14. I want to be a caterer.
15. I wanted to name a baby girl Grace Kathleen and my husband talked me out of it~3 times.
16. I am afraid of gauchos.
17. I adore Ebay.
18. I want to dress like a hip cool mom, but I fail miserably.
19. I once baked a 13x9 pan of bronwies and ate the whole thing in one day.
20. I found out I was pregnant the next day.
21. My first car was a 1987 Mercury Sable that was the color of dirt.
22. I love Ronald Reagan.
23. I do not like bananas.
24. I am learning to like wine~a lot.
25. I swore I would never dress my kids alike. Then I had 3 really cute girls.
26. And now I am sick of it so no more matching.
27. I have a crush on Alfonso Ribero~Carleton from "The Fresh Prince".
28. I also have a crush on Brit Hume.
29. I am terrible at sticking to an exercise regime.
30. My favorite color is aqua blue.
31. My favorite singer ever is Billy Joel.
32. I have re-decorated my bedroom 7 times in the past 12 years.
33. Unreliability is my biggest pet peeve.
34. And lateness.
35. And having more than 10 items in the express lane.
36. I am a closet Guns and Roses fan.
37. My heart skips a beat everytime the UPS truck turns on to my street.
38. I sometimes buy TV dinners for my kids.
39. I am an avid scrapbooker. At least for my oldest daughter's book I am!
40. The other girls' books got ruined when the basement flooded. Yeah, that's it. . .A flood. . .
41. I love old cheesey Christian "rock"
42. I visit consignment shops on vacation.
43. I hate to make dinner.
44. I love to cook.
45. I had never set foot in Walmart til I was in college.
46. I was 24 the first time I tried a cigarette.
47. I once threw a shoe at my sister and gave her a black eye.
48. My first boyfriend is married to my best friend.
49. I am not good at arts and crafts.
50. I do not put batteries in my girls' noisy toys.


Josh Leo said...

that is great!! so many fun and interesting things... I don't know if i could make a list of 50 for myself...

JD said...

I love these lists!
1. Did not know that:)
6. How in the world do you keep them that way with 2 toddlers?
10. 99cent value meal is a life saver
28. Don't have a clue who that is
36. GNR during the Appetite for Destruction era was the best, later, not so much. And now axl rose is fat
43 & 44 - Aren't they one in the same?
47. What did she do to provoke you? Very curious about this one...
50. Really, who does? I take the new batteries out and use them for other stuff. Stupid annoying toys - especially the ones that don't have volume control. Wouldn't it be nice if the kids had batteries that we could take out sometimes?

Jen said...

28. A FOX news anchor.

43&44~Not so much. Dinner is what I must make at 5pm when everyone is crabby. Cooking is what I do when I can take my time and mess around in the kitchen.

47. Honestly, I have no idea. But I told her if she told on me she would get in trouble too so she kept her mouth shut.