Saturday, October 13, 2007

When the cat's away. . .

Tim is away at his annual guys' camping weekend so how did we fill the lonely hours without Daddy? We went SHOPPING!
This shirt says it all. "Here Comes Trouble" Love it!
Caroline has been wanting a Product Red top from Gap "forever" or how ever long "forever" is when you are 9.
I have been wanting this sweater from Janie and Jack since well, forever. I waited til they were marked down and I had a coupon. I paid less for this brand new than they are going for used on Ebay. Score!

Another one of Caroline's cute finds from the Gap. I do love that place!
Greta also got the awesome pumpkin sweater from Janie and Jack. It is SO pretty!


amanda said...

Cuties, Jen!!! Total cuties! :)

Aimee said...

Cute stuff! Greta looks so big!!

one hot momma said...

You are my hero! You took all 4 kids shopping AND brought them all home and with lots of stuff!!!! Was Tim gone on Sunday morning? If he was, in my opinion, that's why you were all ready so early! No offense to Tim, but what is it about Daddy making everyone late??? Has anyone else noticed this???