Monday, October 29, 2007

I Reserve the Right to Change My Mind

About a year ago I had this post that got some fun chatter going and a few "knickers in a twist." I then followed it up with this one. While I still hold to 95% of what I said~including the "no words on your behind" rule, I have come to overturn the "no shirts with sayings on them." I still say no to things like one I saw at Target that said "I want it. You buy it for me. " Gap Kids has brought me over to the dark side with these tops. So stinkin' cute on Amelia and Greta. So I changed my mind. Sue me. :-)

2-in-1 girly graphic T


Whymommy said...

Eh. I don't think these really fall into the category that the other clothes did ... and I still love your 9/06 post on that. I don't see the skankiness so much in boys' clothes ... thank goodness. It must be very hard to dress a girl these days.

i am not said...

I fall in the "no sayings" category, however, these are not the same - they're not catty, entitlement type sayings - they're cute and silly. I take no issue with these particular sayings. And the shirts themselves are super cute.

mommy to an angel said...

I don't personally care for the sayings, especially on the tush. However, Gap is making me re-think it as well with their Product (Red) stuff. I love the toddler zip-up hoodie and matching pants. Ado(red) is across the chest and tush. If it just said Adored I wouldn't go for it, but I like the product red stuff. I had it all ready to go in my shopping cart online, but Brian protested - he's kind of okay with the hoodie, but the writing on the tush was a definite NO.

Megan said...

Very cute!! What about those pants Greta is always wearing with "Juicy" on the butt? Do those count!! Haha
I may just have to get her a pair just for laughs!!