Monday, April 28, 2008

Of Sliders and Sox

Oh what a week! All kinds of fun and games. Things have been pretty stressful around here with the house not selling thing and business woes so some fun was just what we needed! Wednesday I blew off all my chores and went to meet Christine for breakfast and to shop ALL ALONE at The GAP. Oh the fun. Got some great deals for the kids for summer~gotta love those clearance racks. Now for the fun with pictures!

On Thursday night we met Dad and Judy at the Cell for a Sox game. They had the tix and parking passes so we needed to figure out a way to meet up. Dad called Tim's cell as we were coming up to the Dan Ryan and asked where we were. We told him and looked out our window and they were right behind us. Couldn't have planned that if we tried! Anyhoo, our tickets were for the JIM BEAM CLUB. The pic above is the view from the seats. Even better, it's all you can eat and drink! I think I slipped into a food coma somewhere around the 6th inning. The cherry on top? The Sox beat the Yankees! I hate the Yankees.

It was a week of firsts for Wyatt. We took the kids to White Castle for the very first time. Everybody but Greta loved it. She was very put off by the lack of cheese and small square burgers. Here is the Boy with his new favorite food~sliders. He scarfed almost a whole one all by himself.

Lastly, Caroline and I went to the Sox game on Sunday afternoon~great tix again courtesy of Dad. We were right by first base and had a great view of the game! Only downer was I believe we were seating in the Ligue Family section. Holy drunk dudes, Batman. Since we were right near the visiting dugout all the drunk folk from all over the park came down to heckle the Orioles. We got there a bit too late for autographs but Caroline did get to run the bases!

The view from our seats.
AJ Pierzynski with a bit of a lead.

All the kids running the bases. Caroline is there with the Schutt boys.
GO SOX! Caroline got really good at screaming all of her favorite players names. Over and over and over. She also truly believed that the Fan-O-Meter would go up if she shrieked loud enough.
We had passes to the Stadium Club so we went to share some nachos and hot chocolate before the game. I *thought* I saw Ron Kittle at one point so I ran around like a crazy woman trying to find him. I know I can stalk him out here but hey. He's my fave.
Here he is.


mommy to an angel said...

Poor kid - I can't believe you fed him sliders!! We had a craving for those this weekend - they were good going down, but I regret always - I only eat them about 2 times a year because after eating them once I can't even think about them for 6 months!
Praying the closing goes as planned this morning.
Go Cubs!

i am not said...

sliders - ick!

I swear we had the same exact seats when we went to the Sox game last week. Section 119, row 3, seats 3&4. We didn't venture into the Stadium club for the $25 beers, though:)

I love it that you went alone with Caroline - Dave does that with the girls each year and it turns out to be a really special thing for both of them.

Jen said...

We did!!! 119 row 3, seats 5&6.


Ann(ie) said...

WHAT a fun weekend, girlie!!! Great shot of the stadium. I hate the Yankees, too!! ;)

I'm pretty sure that Ben and Wyatt would be fast friends. It seems they can both down a burger like nobody's bizness and I would like to buddy up with Caroline and get some nacho's and hot chocolate. My kinda girl!!!!


mommy24 said...

Ah, the Cell is a taste of heaven...the grilled onions, the smell of beer...the ice cream nachos in the 7th inning...

Sunday was a terrific day! I could have gone home before the game and still have had a great time. If we weren't having a little one this summer, our Christmas picture would definitely be the one with Nick Swisher & the boys(despite the chew! YUCK).

i am not said...

Hey - are those ozinga seats? Ours were given to Dave by some kind of insurance vendor (I love the perks of this job)... The people who sat in your seats when we were there were a bunch of 20 somethings and their dad. I kept wanting to tell the kid to pull up his pants.

Christine said...

If you want to see Ron Kittle, hang out at Costco in Merrillville long enough & you'll see him. I've seen him there twice. He's very nice, but he thinks he is one amazing guy...