Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It's Baseball Season, Baby!

My White Sox started off the year yesterday with a bang. It was a great game which ended with Caroline in tears and Tim swearing at the TV. So we are officially tied with Detroit for last place. Ah, baseball has begun!

We also had a baseball related moment on Saturday night. Since we didn't go to Memphis for Spring Break like we usually do, Tim and I decided to go away for just a day~without the kiddies! We both have lost some weight since last spring and needed some pants that would not fall off our new slimmer hips. Part of the fun was going to be using our Lettuce Entertain You gift cards from Christmas for dinner at Maggiano's with friends from church. Long story short, they ended up having to cancel due to husband-wife non-communication (like that NEVER happens to us!) so we were looking for somewhere else for dinner. We discovered Holy Mackerel. Being fans of great seafood we figured we'd give it a try. It is connected to Harry Caray's which gave us the heebie-geebies but for good fish, we'd get over it. Well, turns out we were grossly under dressed for Holy Mackerel but not Harry Caray's so we took a table and opened our menus while surrounded by Ryne Sandburg's jersey and Mark Grace's glove. Ick. That was the first problem. Second issue, we were sitting in the laps of the people next to us. They don't separate the tables there, just sit you down so you are in essence sharing a table with strangers. Cub fan strangers. Third problem. Price. Dude, I think Dutchie is living high on the hog with this racket! So unless we were going to split a cup of minestrone we needed a plan. Tim is firm that he is not getting up and leaving. People would see him. Good grief, you would have thought Linda was sitting with him. So I whisper, "Follow me in 2 minutes." Watch how cool I am.

I reach into my purse and press the button to make my phone ring. I "answer" it and leave the table. While walking away, I call my sitter and starting saying things like, "What's wrong?" "Do you need us to come home?" while standing right by the hostess stand.

Hostess: "Oh! Is everything OK?"

Me: "Oh yes, but that's our sitter. We are going to need to leave. I'm so sorry."

Hostess: "Oh no problem! I'll tell your server you were called away."

Me: "Thanks so much!"

Tim slinks out through the bar and we make our escape. We are so smooth. We went to the Reel Club instead and had a fab dinner and we were able to use our gift cards. We will go back there soon! We will not be showing our faces at Harry Caray's again. We are a class act!


Aimee said...

And least you didn't have all the kids with you to make your great escape! :)

It's so funny you mention the Reel Club. We also got Lettuce Entertain you GC's for Christmas, and we are going out Saturday night with my inlaws. My sister-in-law mentioned the Reel Club, so we might be going there! :) Glad to hear it was good!

mommy to an angel said...

Brian has no problem walking out of a place - I get so embarrased!

You silly South siders - I can't believe you tainted THE Harry Caray's!! JK

Anonymous said...

and me being the sitter ..was like .."I didn't call u" what r u talking about...everything is fine..LOL I'll remember...go with the flow!!

Mommy Brain said...

You two are so pathetic! I can totally see this being played out...maybe I'll nominate for you two for a Tony!

Leenie said...

Any good White Sox fan would run like the wind like you did! Good for you! Even if the food was awesome, how could you really enjoy the food with that type of garbage hanging around you?? :)

anne said...

You go girl!!!

mommy to an angel said...

It must be temporary insanity you all are having!! :-)
Yep - baseball season is here! The Barnett's are the outcast - boy do we miss the Bledsoe's

Ann(ie) said...

I think you're smart people! I would have done the same thing, but I would have carried out the plan way less smooth. Nicely done!! ;) xo.

mommy24 said...

All I can say is that I'm ashamed of you!!! Not for walking out, but for WALKING IN!!! Call yourselves Sox fans?

one hot momma said...

Um Hello? Are you all real SOX fans? Do you not remember that Harry started at Comisky??? Or is it that you all are holding a grudge because he left for the unmentionables? I guess that makes sense, but I still have really great memories of Comisky Park with my dad and hearing Harry sing for the 7th inning stretch. That has to count for something, doesn't it?