Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Crack Would Be Healthier

I would have made a fantabulous meth addict. I have never been a smoker but I have lots of friends who describe to me the feeling of sweet joy upon the first drag. I have felt that feeling. That moment of pure bliss when every tension leaves your body as a new chemical surges through your blood. What is my drug of choice?

Chips/Fries by burgesg.

Those hot salty sticks of fried potato goodness. I gave up french fries for lent and let me tell you it was the definition of sacrifice for me. I can plan my entire day around getting some fries. Now I need to give them up before I have to start shopping at Catherine's.

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Mommy Brain said...

You crack me up! Healthier though...my little editor...these things don't usually get by you?