Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Following the Crowd to Vodka

I was too good for her. I eschewed her blog as too commercial. Too fancy-schmancy. I tend to not read the books everyone else is raving about. I hate the hit songs everyone loves. I never see the movies that are all the buzz. I just can't follow the crowd. Even when the crowd is right. I finally broke down last night and followed the crowd. Instead of leading me straight to hell, the crowd led me to a beautiful plate of pasta drenched in vodka. Yep. VODKA. How could that be a bad thing? You tell me. Or on second thought . . . please don't.

People, I give you Pasta all Vodka from Ree Drummond aka The Pioneer Woman.


I am now a devoted member of The Pioneer Woman's cult. This is the best freakin' pasta dish I have ever made. We were licking the skillet. Literally. You would have thought I had raw brownie batter in there.

So now that I have caved, I am obsessed. Kinda goes with my personality. I'm really not a half-way kinda girl. I'm all in. Now I gotta go buy more vodka. Again, not a bad thing.


Dulie said...

Try The P.W.'s steak with onion blue cheese sauce. You will will die a thousand deaths but it's totally worth it.

Kim said...

Great..thanks another blog I have to become addicted to....the pasta does look awesome tho...

i am not said...

i had never heard of her until i won her cookbook on my friend's blog. i haven't tried any of her recipes because they seem pretty high calorie/fat. I will definitely try this one, though.

her blog wins me over every time with her Charlie posts. every.time.