Monday, October 02, 2006

More Holes in Her Head

Yep, Amelia got her ears pierced. She loves them so much~it's all she talks about. It was kinda a spur of the moment thing. I was at the mall with the girls on Saturday and we went to Claires to get some new earrings for Caroline. The poor thing has been wearing the same pair since July because somehow we lost her earring box in the move. Anyway, Caroline says "Amelia, do you want to get your ears pierced?" Well, duh?!? She's all over that idea. I tell her it's going to hurt and she says "It not hurt. I not cry." So we did it. As we were sitting there getting set up I said to Caroline, "Daddy's gonna kill me" Amelia then got upset and said "No Mommy! Daddy not dead you!" Oops. Guess she knows what kill means! I called Tim on the way home.

"Hi hon. How's your camping trip?"

"Good. What's up?"

"Well, would you be upset if I got Amelia's ears piereced?"

"As long as I don't have to clean them, I don't care."

"Good. Cuz I already did it."

"That's what I figured."

Ah, he knows me so well. I have always been very conflicted about the whole earrings on little girls thing. It started with my dad who said only biker chics had earrings. Huh? I wasn't allowed til I was 12. I swore no daughter of mine would either. The funny thing is I always thought they were cute on little girls~esp them bald baby girls~like Greta! But somehow I didn't think that applied to my kids. They would look trashy. Hey, I never claimed to make sense. When Caroline was 4 we got her hair cut pretty short. I looked super cute but to soften it a bit, we got her ears pierced. After the alloted time we took out the started set and she would not let me put new ones in. Said it hurt. Okie dokie. No more earrings. Then when we were in Hilton Head with Dr and Mrs Beautiful and family, Christine and I decided to get Emily and Caroline's ears pierced. And Doug and Tim's too, but that's a story for a different day. After the intial hoopla, I never even noticed. So I guess that's why I broke down and did Amelia's. I realized it was not nearly the big deal I made it in my head. As most of my life is.

So that's my story and I'm sticking to it. :-P


i am not said...

here's my reason for no pierced ears: Just one more thing for me to 1) buy 2) keep track of 3) listen to crying about and 4) put in my pocket as I'm picking up the house.

You're much more tolerant that I am:) And a better mom.

Melissa :) said...

We did Cailyn's at 4 months old. Her pediatrician told us "go for it!" <& he's a man!> as long as she'd had all her shots.

Cleaning them 3x daily was a hassle. And then we had to visit the pediatrician, because we thought she ate one (the post, not the back! Ack!!). Xrays not necessary they said - so she still might have that sucker in her. She's 21 months & we've lost a ton of them. I don't really mind losing them unless I hear her wheezing. Ha! I only wear the piercing ones & I get them at Wal-Mart. They have the lock on backs, so to speak. I LoVeeeeeeeeeeee them!!!

melissa :) said...

Umm....."she" only wears the piercing ones, not me. ;)

Carol said...

I love pierced ears, even on babies, even on my 12 year old son if my husband and/or school would accept that!

kkoois said...

what would our mother say?

Kazcanblog73 said...

Well, I have five in one and 4 in the other.... and yeah I used to be a biker chick... but not anymore Praise God! :D

U little darlings are just plain ADORABLE and not at all "biker-chickish"!!!

I remember taking going with my mum to get my 3yo sister's ears done - and the Gun jammed on her ears!!! She freaked everytime she saw the lady that did it for months! But she's all grown now... and is over it :)

Heaven Sent said...

My rule is no earrings until she begs for them and can clean them herself. We'll see if that really happens! :o)

Mommy Brain said...

You've got 3 prediction is that Gretta will have her's even earlier!