Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Weigh In

It's Tuesday. . . .


Jen said...

153.4 Down 3 23.4 to go.

Shows how much water weight can mess ya up!

i am not said...

134.6 Down 1.6

Goal: 120
Dream: 110

To Lose: 14.6-24.6

Weigh to go on your 3!!!! Yea!

How tall are you? You're quite a bit taller than me, right? and you're goal is only 10 lbs more than mine? Maybe I need to switch?

Kary said...

i'm jumping back on the wagon. i'll post my weight now, but it's night, and i know you should do this in the morning. o.k. here it goes~not a word to anyone.
current: 155
goal: 140 for now.

Kary said...

by the way. i think my scale is terribly off. i really think it should be more like 165, but there is no way of knowing. i should go to your house, jen, and weigh in there.

Jen said...

I am 5'4"-ish.