Sunday, December 10, 2006

Griswold Family Christmas

I have a really weird extended family. I mean that in the nicest way possible, but they are kooks. We had a family Christmas party this afternoon that ended with a bottle of Irish whiskey being passed around the circle with everyone taking a hit~especially my 81-year-old Grandma and her sister. So I got thinking in the season of much family togetherness that I really do like them and the biggest reason why is they are a hoot. Exhibits A-E

**My Grandma makes us sing the "12 Days of Christmas" every year and last year we tried to do it "gay"

**My dad and my uncle once went sledding down a hill. With no coats. Into a creek.

**When Tim married into my family, he didn't know quite what to think. His family is very nice and my family yells things like "GET OFF ME YOU FAT OAF!"

**We once had a "meeting" to move the official beginning of Happy Hour up to 10am so one could have beer on one's Post Toasties.

**My Uncle Jim does a mean rendition of "Junior Birdman"

What kinds of fun stories come from your family? Do you do weird things? Are we the only ones who spend hours of drunken fun?


kkoois said...

you forgot about the time we decorated the christmas tree with empty old style cans...

Frannie Farmer said...

Hmmm, perhaps we are related.

Tree decorations = coasters from local (and not) pubs, bars and taverns.

My Uncle = Blueberry Hill.

candi said...

Totally unrelated, but I lost my mops directory so I lost your number, but did you get Amelia's pictures yet from school??

melissa :) said...

ROFL!!! Man, you crack me up! :)

Oh, & my to-do list is way longer than yours, so don't feel too bad.

Heaven Sent said...

Except for an intense Chinese checker competition last Thanksgiving -- yes, alcohol was involved -- I think we are pretty darn boring compared to your family. Can I come over to play sometime? ;)