Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My Insurmountable To-Do List

In my "free" time I often surf blogs~especially the Christian Mom varitey. While some are a bit on the cheesy side, they are often well-written snippets from other moms like me. One thing I have noticed on the Homeschooler Mom Blogs (LOVE these as they are full of organizational ideas) is the practice of listing your to-do list on your blog (I think my pronouns are all messed up there.) One mom I "chatted" with said she does it for accountability. Well, heck, I need me some o' that! So, here's my To-Do by Friday night list. We are having a Christmas party here and only one person has seen the house so you know I'll be doing the grand tour.

~playroom ~office ~family room ~mudroom
~downstairs bath ~kitchen ~Amelia/Greta's room ~Caroline's room
~guest room ~girls' bath ~laundry room ~master bedroom
~master bath ~hallway

Grocery shop
November invoices
Pay bills
~painter ~builder ~insurance guy
Find pototo recipie
Finish and mail Christmas cards
Organize Christmas presents
Figure out who needs what for Christmas

I think that's it for now. Anyone wanna help? :-)


candi said...

I cannot be of much help as my to do list is at least twice as long. Although for the potato recipe, I highly recommend allrecipes.com. They have everything. You can even do an ingredient search!! I love that site!

Kary said...

You are a good friend.

Heaven Sent said...

Ahhhh, the To Do list. I love the feeling of crossing off an item once it's done, don't you? (Or am I alone on this?!) Anyway, good luck to you. I think you may need lots and lots of caffeine!

kkoois said...

so, are ya done yet?