Sunday, December 31, 2006

Would Someone Please Make the Room Stop Spinning?

I forgot how awful "morning" sickness is. I have also been enlightened that the older you are when preggers, the worse it is. Fan-freakin-tastic. I want to puke. All. Day. Long. It is so bad. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled to be having another (final) baby but I am so hoping this passes soon. Ugh. I have tried every trick in the book including prescription drugs and so far nothing helps much. The drugs have almost stopped the actual throwing up but I am still so queasy I could die.

OK, pity party over.

Christmas was good~the girls were spoiled as per usual and we got to have Cuncle Jer and Cant Kim and Ewise here for a few days which was great fun. Lots of sorting of presents to happen today until the Bears game starts. We have no plans for New Years Eve but that's OK cuz I'm not sure I'm really a fun addition to a party right now. We had a great time in Hilton Head with Dad and Judy and Jeff and Seana. I went shopping alone. As in ALL BY MYSELF! I was giddy with joy. I also found a Gymboree outlet down there and was in my glory. :-)


ReeRee said...

This isn't your final baby. I have this feeling....
I hope you feel better soon. Smooches.

Mommy Brain said...

Who's reree?

When did the morning sickness sink in...I just talked to you a few days ago and you were doing great!?

Hope this ends soon!

kkoois said...

i think it's twins! ha!

i knew you would be excited about the gymboree outlet. i did notice all the kids sized hangers in the bedroom closet after we arrived. no doubt you went home with many additions to your kids' wardrobe.

happy new year!

Frannie Farmer said...

I think the morning sickness is what keeps me from having another .. well that and the lack of sleep.
Good luck. :)

Jen said...

It IS my final baby. The M/S started the week before Christmas but hit really hard this week.

IT IS NOT TWINS. I would have a breakdown.

Heaven Sent said...

That does not sound fun. I missed M/S with Emma, but I'm sure I'll have it for the next one... God is funny that way. ;)

Hope you're feeling better soon. BTW, how far along are you????