Saturday, March 03, 2007

Baby Needs A New Pair of Shoes

This is what is happening in my kitchen right now. Yep, it's boys poker night. They are playing "no copper, no paper" so no one is betting away the mortgage money or anything so it's just guys having fun. I am listening in and they are FUNNY. They even wrote up a cheat sheet to figure out what hand is high. They think I'm in here working. . .hee hee. Nope. I just hope Tim wins b/c he's got 3 little girls who are clothes horses. :-)


i am not said...

my night consisted of going to church and then going to a wine tasting. We tasted 5 different wines and did NOT have enough food to go with it all - of course I could have gorged myself enough to make sure I had enough to eat, but that wouldn't have been polite, right?

So I'm hoping Tim wins for the new pair of shoes!

PS - here is what we had:
*Savignon Blanc and vegetables & shrimp cocktail
*Chardonnay & brie, crackers & pistachioss
* Pinot Noir & stuffed mushrooms
* A heavier red w/ meatballs & some kind of hard cheese
* cabernet savignon & brownies

mmm. Then we had port and lemoncello and it was very good. Sorry to throw it all in your face:) I know how much that sucks!

Jen said...

WOW! That sounds so awesome.

Christine said...

It's funny to me how the glare coming off their heads gets brighter the older we get.