Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Take It Easy?

I had my 20 week ultrasound and check up yesterday. Good news, bad news, and in-between news.

Good News~Baby looks great. All organ systems present and working. No spina bifida, no water on the brain. No obvious signs of chromosomal errors.

In-between news~very modest baby. He/she has legs crossed at the knees and tucked under. He/she also was breech and facing inward so the tech could not tell the sex. I really didn't want to know but Tim and about 80% of everyone else does so I was kinda glad! :-) So for a while at least we are all still in suspense.

Bad news~I have had some bleeding off and on since the beginning of this pregnancy. Now I know why. I have a complete placenta previa. This is when the placenta forms at the bottom of the uterus instead of at the top and blocks the cervix. This results in 2 things for me.

1. For now, "partial bedrest". I am supposed to "take it easy" OK, how on earth is that possible?! I am trying, really. But it is so hard. There is so much to do. Tim is finally working again after the cold and snow of February. Everyone has been great about offering help but I suck at accepting it. I need to work on being gracious and saying "thanks" instead of "No, really. I'm OK." As Kim said, I am not resting so that my baby will have blond hair instead of brown. I'm resting to ensure the safety of the baby. Because the placenta is over the cervix it is easily irritated and could cause early labor. I have to have another U/S in a few weeks to see how things look.

2. IF the placenta does not migrate northward, I will need a C-section. That scares the heck out of me. As much as I hate pregnancy, I really don't mind the birth. All 3 girls had really good deliveries. As long as I get my epidural, I'm all good! :-) I watch enough Discovery Health Channel to know I do not want a seciton.

So for now, I ask you to pray for northward migration. My doctor said the chances of that are "remote" due to the placement of the placenta, but that's what we're hoping for. No complete bedrest and no c-section.

Thanks so much! :-)


i am not said...

Oh my - bedrest SUCKS!! I will be praying for you and shim. I was on bedrest for 1 week while I was pregnant with Ryann and it was horrible. I ended it on my own after 3 days - I couldn't stand it anymore. Will be praying for everyone!

PS - am I still your doula?

Mommy Brain said...

You are right, you do suck at accepting help...but at least you know that much about yourself and Kim is so right! What a great way to phrase just what you're facing. I will be praying for northward migration...we serve a BIG God and nothing is impossible...hang in there

Josh Leo said...

1. I love that your baby is keeping it's sex a secret.

2. Do some handstands

3. I agree that it is good to accept help. Just think of it as a glorified favor that you will pay back in the future. Sign people up, say "you watch my kids and I will make you a casserole once this thing is out of me!"

4. We are praying.

Heaven Sent said...

Handstands are a great suggestion! ;o)

Seriously, I will definitely be praying that God keeps you and baby safe and healthy. And take that help, girl! With 3 kids, "taking it easy" would be impossible without it.

Take care of you and your little peanut!

melissa :) said...

Oh no! Praying for you.