Thursday, May 31, 2007

50 Random Things About Jen

Jana has a list of 100 things about her which I love to read! See, Jana is my sister's BFF and someone I have gotten to know a bit thru Kim but she is also someone that I would probably pick out to be friends with. And alot of that "knowledge" has come from reading her blog. So I decided to do my own list. And being that I have nothing new to talk about most days, this will give me some ideas! :-)

1. I am the oldest kid in my family.
2. I have a degree in Communications.
3. I am one class short of a degree in Political Science.
4. I do not drink enough water.
5. My first job was at County Seat selling Guess jeans.
6. My CDs are alphabetized.
7. So are my cookbooks~by genre and then author.
8. I love the Food Network.
9. I can not work my flat iron.
10. I love Wendy's.
11. My mom died of breast cancer when I was 30.
12. U2's "The Joshua Tree" is my favorite album ever.
13. I want to be a writer.
14. I want to be a caterer.
15. I love 80's movies.
16. I love the process of choosing names.
17. I adore Ebay.
18. I want to dress like a hip cool mom, but I fail miserably.
19. I once baked a 13x9 pan of bronwies and ate the whole thing in one day.
20. I spent 6 weeks after high school in Canada on a mission trip.
21. My first car was a 1987 Mercury Sable that was the color of dirt.
22. I love Ronald Reagan.
23. I do not like bananas.
24. I am learning to like wine~a lot.
25. I swore I would never dress my kids alike. Then I had 3 really cute girls.
26. I did not like being married for the first 3 years.
27. I have a crush on Alfonso Ribero~Carleton from "The Fresh Prince".
28. I also have a crush on Brit Hume.
29. I am terrible at sticking to an exercise regime.
30. My favorite color is aqua blue.
31. My favorite singer ever is Billy Joel.
32. I have re-decorated my bedroom 7 times in the past 12 years.
33. Unreliability is my biggest pet peeve.
34. And lateness.
35. I am terrible at writing thank you notes~~though I think they are important!
36. I am a closet Guns and Roses fan.
37. I watch "Days of Our Lives"
38. I sometimes buy TV dinners for my kids.
39. I am an avid scrapbooker. At least for my oldest daughter's book I am!
40. I make dinner at 10 am.
41. I love old cheesy Christian "rock"
42. I visit consignment shops on vacation.
43. I hate to make dinner.
44. I love to cook.
45. I had never set foot in Walmart til I was in college.
46. I was 24 the first time I tried a cigarette.
47. I once threw a shoe at my sister and gave her a black eye.
48. My first boyfriend is married to my best friend.
49. I am not good at arts and crafts.
50. I do not put batteries in my girls' noisy toys.


Heaven Sent said...

Thanks for the list. I love learning quirky things about people! You make dinner at 10am??? That is amazing...I'm lucky if it's started by 4pm!

Tim said...

No you are 2 classes short of a Political Science degree.

ms leo said...

love #50!

Mommy Brain said...

I did not like you being married the first three years...however, we did form the best friendship even then! She does make dinner at 10am...drives me crazy! And thank you for telling me about how toys with batteries can "break" and not be fixed!

i am not said...

Why are you a closet GNR fan - theres nothing wrong with liking a little Axl Rose and Slash and some Paradis City.

Anonymous said...

Just catching up on what is up with you - I wondered about the baby news! So exciting. I have the whole summer to get through and it is starting to get HOT! OK, so your list was fun. . . I felt like I was reliving some of my HS years between the Sable, County Seat(are they still around?), and 80's movies I could just picture you with big bangs and wearing a peach Outback Red sweater! Plus, how did we stay friends if lateness is one of your pet peeves? Maybe by the time your kids are old enough to care, there will be a instant photo book copier or something that you can just copy Caroline's scrapbook and change it a little bit for your other kids. We all know how those "middle children" and "babies" of the family complain that there are no pictures of them!!!!!!!!!! But, I wouldn't know because I'm the oldest too. Hope all keeps going well for you!
-Jen Taylor

Carol said...

fun & funny!
Now, I want to know if you put batteries in any of your "toys".
tmi - tmi - tmi!