Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ch. . .Ch. . .Ch. . .Changes

Wow. What a week it's been. My first week as mom of a little boy. And what a sweetie pie he is!

Things have been going good. Almost too good. Wyatt is sleeping and eating like a champ. Rarely cries except when he's had too much of his sisters love. He loves to cuddle and be held~almost always stops crying as soon as you pick him up. The diaper changes do have a me a bit befuddled! I am never quick enough and his poor little winkie is so red from the circumcision. Tim is not wanting to change his diaper which is kinda funny since he was the diaper king with the girls! I think he feels his pain, so to speak! He is sporting some fierce diaper rash which is also new for me. The girls NEVER had a problem at all. So if any of you have an idea for curing that on one so little, let me know!

This whole 4 kids thing is a bit of a shock to the system. I looked at the back of my mini-van on the way to church this morning and it appeared as if we had 30 children back there. Yes, we did make it to church today AND out for lunch to a sit-down restaurant. We were so proud of ourselves! The girls are adjusting too. Amelia and Greta are used to getting away with murder since Pregnant Mommy was Slow to React Mommy. Now I'm a bit quicker on the draw and they are reeling to catch up to the new plan. I am hanging on til he sleeps thru the night and I can come up with some sort of schedule for the whole house. Right now it's just go with the flow which is SO hard for me!

Knowing that Wyatt is the last baby for our family, I am trying SO hard to savor and enjoy the teeny phase. HOLD ON~He just sneezed. CUTE! CUTE! The sleep deprivation is killing me again but I actually feel pretty OK for having had a section. Some soreness from my incision and the very painful process of drying up the milk are about all I'm left with. That and a spare tire around my middle! WW here we come.


candi said...

I have always found that DRC is the BEST diaper cream out there. It is not often found on the shelves, for some reason they don't buy shelf space, but it is usually kept in the pharmacy. You just have to ask for it. I think I have found it at walgreens on the shelf before.

Amanda said... said 'winkie'!!! :P
Glad to hear you're doing so well. Don't overdo it, though!!! ;)

Carol said...

He's so beautiful! I think the "go with the flow" schedule is the best way to go! I don't think we went to a sit down restaraunt after our third .... so within the first 10 days of having your fourth -- kudos to you! Glad to hear all is well!

Heaven Sent said...

I can't believe you are leaving the house already! I tell you, you mothers of four are amazing creatures!

Praying for much sleep for you and your newest addition!

Mommy Brain said...

He sounds like an angel! He's changing so much! Love the pictures...they are too cute. I totally know what you mean about savoring every moment...I totally did that with Wesley...especially the newborn smell...oh how I love the newborn smell!

one hot momma said...

Oh stop it girls! You're making me cry...I'm still savoring every minute with Alaina...and she's almost 6! My boys had TERRIBLE diaper rash as new borns until I started putting Caldesene powder on at every diaper change.(it's in a pink bottle with blue letters and CVS always has it) It's not regular powder, not bad for their lungs etc, and it keeps the rash away! You might want to try Doc Biermas special butt cream recipe along with the powder until the rash goes away. Then the powder at every diaper change will keep it away! That's my motherly advice for now! He's beautiful by the way!