Sunday, September 16, 2007

Update on Mr Moo Cow

So, yeah. I've got a boy. Still getting used to that idea. He is the cutest thing in baby jeans! Oh and the football sweaters. I could cry they are so cute!

Wyatt is 10 weeks old now. NOT sleeping through the night yet. Please little boy. Sleep. Other than that he's a peach. Well, if you don't include the projectile barfing. Or the screaming when no one holds him. OK, I guess newborn is harder than I remember! He's still the cutest thing in little red outfits with firetrucks on them. Who said I couldn't become obsessed with boy clothes. Oh my cuteness. Though after the preemie sizes if I see another baby blue outfit with a puppy dog or teddy bear, I might projectile barf.

Weight~11 lbs 3 oz
Length~21 inches

Yep, he's a short and wide child. Hope he'll make the offensive line for the Bears. He had his first round of shots. Ended up with a panicked call to Uncle Doug asking "Why has my baby been sleeping for 7 hours?" Uncle Doug says, "Hhhmmm. . .interesting." Did you know they now have a vaccine for Rotovirus. Brilliant.

Sorry I don't have any more pictures of the boy. He is the fourth baby so this will be his last picture til the mug shots of kindergarten.


Josh Leo said...

He would look skinnier if he wasn't wearing the bulky sweater.. nevertheless, still cute!

amanda said...

He is so stinkin cute, Jen! Love that little outfit on him. Hope he starts sleeping through the night for you soon! :)

Mommy Brain said...

Looks just like Amelia in that picture to me...cute! Love the sweater...but with the forecast for this week I hope he hasn't grown out of his summer outfits.

Heaven Sent said...

He looks so cute in that sweater and hat! I admit that part of me wants a boy so I can dress him. I know everyone says that girls are more fun to dress, but I think dressing one of each would be even more fun!!!

Glad to hear he is growing. Just remember that the next time he barfs on you! ;)