Monday, November 17, 2008

Menu Plan Monday


Tim ended up working late a few times last week so I have some meals from those days that never got made. Cooked. However you say it! We usually just eat PB&J or whatever when he's working late. Plus this week is a GEMS week so we usually go to Wendy's before dropping Caroline off at GEMS. That should help out my grocery budget. I'm working of getting our grocery bill down to less than $100 per week. That's another post brewing!

Monday~Mexican Cornbread
Chips and Salsa

Tuesday~Chix Tetrazini

Wednesday~Wendy's~GEMS night

Thursday~Pork Tacos
Beans and Rice

Friday~ BBQ Pork Steaks
Sweet Potato Fries


Sunday~Chili Cheese Dog Pot Pie

Check out Laura's blog for great recipes and meal ideas!


Aimee said...

I just recently got my weekly grocery budget down to about $70 - $80 per week. We certainly don't eat gourmet meals every night, but I serve a nice hot meal just about every night! :) It can be done!:)

Jen said...

Where do you shop and what do you buy? I have 2 challenges~organic and I only want to go to one store. Plus I now have a kid on soy milk. Ugh.

I'll write a post soon about it and I'd love to hear your plan.

Aimee said...

I do ALOT of my shopping at ALDI. They don't have a whole lot of organic food there though, and I'm fairly certain that don't sell soy milk. I find though that their produce is GREAT! I don't buy a whole lot of my meat there, however, I do buy their frozen ground turkey - $1.19/lb. and use it for everything: meatloaf, turkey burgers, tacos, chilli, spaghetti, get the idea.:) I also just find that there milk, eggs, butter, bread, etc. is MUCH cheaper than most stores. Also, when I find meat on sale, I stock up on it (Komo's just had chicken breast on sale for $.99/lb!!!)I also go to Strack to get deli meat, because I dont like the packaged deli meat that ALDI sells. But you really just can't beat their prices. I'm not sure that ALDI would work for you though, unless you are willing to go to more than one store, but you should totally try it - you'll find that you save a LOT!!! I'll stop now that I've just written a book! :)

Leenie said...

YEAH! I'm gonna have to try Aldi. I just paid an arm and a leg for ground Turkey at Meijer. I wanted to choke when I looked at it. I'm definately going to check it out.

Jen said...

Question about the ground turkey. Are you getting the all white meat, 99% fat free stuff for $1.19/lb?

I have done Aldi for dairy (eggs, milk, cheese) and some produce but the produce is not cheaper than Meijer sale prices. There isn't anything else there that my family eats so I've been trying to decide if it's worth a separate trip for dairy but it might be!

i am not said...

If you get the aldi frozen ground turkey in a tube I don't believe it is white meat - I was pretty jazzed when I found it for so cheap and then got it home and realized that it wasn't what I thought it was. HOWEVER, they do now carry it fresh in the plastic cartons in their meat section and I will have to check if it is white meat or not... I have been buying ground Jenny-O turkey at Dominicks for $1.99 when its on clearance... that was out other big money saving strategy this summer - our Dom has a clearance meat section where they put their meat due that day or the next for 50% off. We were getting tbones for less than $5 or NY Strips for $2.50. We did this only on Sundays and Wednesday when we would grill with friends - its hit or miss, but there were some awesome deals. They had a bunch of that turkey for $1.99 one day and I bought 5 packages and threw them in the freezer - MUCH cheaper than $4.99 each.