Friday, May 21, 2010


Five Best Albums Ever
1. Joshua Tree-U2
2. Hysteria~Def Leppard
3. Ropin' in the Wind~Garth Brooks
4. Jesus Freak~DC Talk
5. Pet Sounds~Beach Boys

Five Best Shows On TV Now
1. Modern Family
2. The Middle
3. Anything featuring Bret Michaels
4. Flash Forward
5. 24

Five Best Things About School Being Done
1. No more making lunches
2. No getting up at 6:00
3. No more driving to school
4. No more phone calls from teachers
5. No more homework


Heaven Sent said...

Hmmmm..."No getting up at 6:00"...can you let my kids know that one for me?

Jen said...

Ha! I didn't say THEY wouldn't be getting up at 6. I won't. :-)

kkoois said...

It's "Ropin' the Wind" not "in" the wind. And I would like to throw in the Pulp Fiction soundtrack as an option. And possibly Achtung Baby, also. Oh, and maybe Neil Diamond's His 12 Greatest Hits album. And an honorable mention for the Oh Brother Where Art Thou? soundtrack. Ok, done for now.

And say buh bye to Flashforward.

reeree said...

I love the show The Middle!
and of course..always the Brett Michaels fan :)
Yay for no school!!!!