Friday, February 08, 2008


Five Cutest Things About Wyatt
1. He sits up now.
2. He has 2 little teeth.
3. His expansive wardrobe. Who says boys are no fun to shop for?!?
4. The endearing way he yanks on my hair.
5. The 5 am giggling wake up call.

Five Reasons I Am Done with Winter
1. I hate wearing a coat.
2. Static-y hair.
3. My kids are inside ALL. DAY. LONG.
4. My car is gross.
5. My skin is gross.

Five Greatest Valentine's Day Songs
1. Love Stinks~J Geils Band
2. In Your Eyes~Peter Gabriel (The even-a-loser-can-get-a-girl song)
3. Makin' Love Out of Nothing At All~Air Supply
4. I Want Your S__~George Michael (Don't want words picked up on searches!)
5. With or Without You~U2


Leenie said...

You can't celebrate Valentine's Day w/out Air Supply.

You can't forget Wyatt's cute hair do. With the cute clothes you dress him in- he looks like a mini-college professor.

Anonymous said...

What? You have no Bon Jovi for Valentine's songs??? What about "I'll be there for you"? What about "Never Say Goodbye", or "Wanna Make a Memory?"?

Ann(ie) said...

Gotta concur. I'll be there for you is the poop!!

Fun list. I SO AGREE about winter. I went Spring clothes shopping today (by mistake) and now I just want the stinkin sun to shine!!!

Megan said...

Air Supply Rocks!!!