Monday, February 04, 2008

I Have Found My People

I was at my happiest in the 80's when argyle and monogrammed sweaters were all the rage. I lived in layered polos with the collars up, my sweater thrown jauntily over my shoulders and docksiders. I never embraced acid washed Guess jeans and IOU sweatshirts~I wore turtlenecks with college sweatshirts and pearls. Ah, those were the days. So imagine my unadulterated JOY when I entered the mall and found THESE for my little man.

And THESE for my big man.

And THESE for my girls.

And for me? Nothing. I still need to lose like 30 pounds in order to wear this~~and yes it IS that tiny!

I am SO thrilled to see preppy coming back in a big way this spring. I just adore it and probably always will. So what's one thing you'd LOVE to see come back. A whole look or just one piece you loved? The banana clip? Tight-rolled jeans?


Anne said...

I'd love for big hair to come back. Dorky as it may be, my hair has not looked good since the 80's. I think I still have it in me to use a gallon of hairspray a day!

mommy to an angel said...

Now the whole family is going to match! It wasn't enough for the girls, now the boys and you have to get in on it - just imagine what the family will say when you arrive at Christmas this year all of you decked out in your matching Christmas outfits!!
What do I want to come back? Criss-Cross Jeans - I have always wanted to wear my jeans backwards! Maybe even the overalls where you wear one strap or both straps down!! Just kidding :-) I don't care to see any of it come back really - guess I'm not old enough yet since I'm only turning 29 again this year :-)

Kary said...

dirty flannel. then when I choose not to do my laundry nobody will know. i love you kurt.

Mommy Brain said...

Heaven help us...when the Lampens all start dressing polos and plaid...what'd ya get for Timmy...I know he won't want to be left out. Do they make plaid pants in his size?

kkoois said...

ha ha (imagine that laugh as the voice of nelson on the the simpsons) now i can mock the whole family.

Anonymous said...

you're not going to all wear those outfits at the same time r you? my, my! what a sight that would be. plaid plaid everywhere.