Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Meal Plan Monday---On Tuesday

Monday~~Sweet and Sour BBQ Chicken
Sweet Potato Fries

Tuesday~~Bar Louie $1 burger night

Wednesday~~Sonora Chicken Casserole
Rice and Beans

Thursday~~Dr appts for the girls~SHOTS! so leftovers

Friday~~Skillet Shrimp and Rice

Saturday and Sunday~~Going to Michigan for Joanna's Profession of Faith on Sunday~might leave Sat, might just go for the day


i am not said...

are you still doing WW? If so, what are the points for those meals? and how do you do dinner for your family while trying to count point?

candi said...

Ok tell me more about $1 burgers and what is sonora chicken casserole??

Jen said...

Jana~I don't really count points for dinner. I do add a veggie every night that is not listed and I eat lots of that. I also used reduced fat cheese and FF other dairy products. I count point for myself for the rest of the day and then just eat dinner with the family.

Candi~$1 burgers at Bar Louie. Includes burger, bun, and lettuce. All other toppings (except K&M) are 50 cents. Fries and tater tots are $1.99 per basket. You are supposed to only get one burger PER soft drink but as long as the adults order a pop they give the kids the deal. GOOD burgers too! The chix casserole is on my recipe blog on my sidebar.

danab said...

Jen-If you guys spend the night in MI this weekend, let me know. I'd like to bring my boys out and visit.
-Dana Battenfield (Dykstra)

candi said...

I didn't even know you had a recipe sidebar!! SO excited to find that!!

Heaven Sent said...

Sweet potato fries... yum!!!

Ann(ie) said...

mmmmmm. Monday sounds delish. AND Bar Louie????....HELLO!!!