Friday, January 21, 2011

Because Everyone Else is Talking About It

I used to be a huge American Idol fan. Those of you who know me well know that I'm a rocker chick. I love good LOUD guitar-driven rock music . . .even more if it is sung and played but a rather attractive guy. Enter my propensity for Idol rocker crushes.

First, there was Constantine. He was so not my type at all but I loved him. He was all swarthy and dark. Loved him.
Constantine Maroulis

And then there was Chris Daughtry. I still love him. He is still one of my favorite artists.

Chris Daughtry - American Idol Grand Finale 2009

Two seasons ago I watched out of habit. The early auditions were just an excuse to make fun of people. Simon Cowell, while I often agreed with his opinions, was a pompous jackhole. Paula Abdul drove me nuts. Enter Adam Lambert. He drove me up and down a wall. Everyone lauded him as "a true artist". Why? Because he grabbed his crotch a lot and tried so hard to be the male Lady Gaga? I gave up on American Idol. Did not watch one episode last season.

This year I have jumped back on the band wagon. I really like Steven Tyler and J-Lo is considerably less annoying than I guessed she would be. Randy and his "yo dog" stuff is still annoying but I can overlook it. The biggest difference I see is this season is about the actual singers. Yeah, they showed some of the train wrecks but for the most part, it was good singers who are getting a chance. Steven and J-Lo worked hard to not be cruel.

So cheers to a kinder, gentler American Idol! So far, I'm liking a few . . .

Marisa, the girl from Kosovo
Ronny, the kid that was in a wheelchair
Jacee, the kid who sang "Dock of the Bay"
Travis, the kid from the Bronx
Devyn, the singing waitress
Rebecca, the girl with lips like Steven Tyler

I'm sure there are more but for me, some of the fun it trying to guess from the early auditions who will make the live show. So c'mon over and join me on the couch for a fun year of Idol!


Tara said...

There is a guy on next week who makes it thourgh to Hollywood. His name is Chris Medina from the Chicago area. I have been following his fiancee's facebook group since she was in a near fatal car wreak a year and a half ago that has left her physically and mentally changed. They were only a few months away from their wedding when this happened. He has never left her side. It is a really amazing love story. He is a pretty good artist too:) There is a blurb about his audition on the tmz website. you should check it out.

Lisa @ Heaven Sent said...

I'm shocked how much I like Steven Tyler. Like, really like him. J-Lo is definitely not as annoying as Paula. I agree, the singers seem better...or at least I like that they are showing us some decent talent. I never like watching the train wrecks and usually just waited until Hollywood week.

And Chris's story was pretty cool, Tara. I hope he makes it far!