Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Can You Keep A Secret?

So we're in that post-holiday hangover period. The Christmas decorations are half down, the laundry is half done, the house is half messy, and The Husband is all the way sick. Dying, if you ask him. He's planning the funeral. What I don't want to tell him is that due to my mad medical web-surfing skills I have diagnosed him with salmonella. He has every single symptom but the key is duration. Most run-of-the-mill stomach bugs only last 24-48 hours. The Husband is going on Day 6.

So let's all take a bloggy oath and NOT tell The Husband that he has salmonella. If he finds out, he'll start asking people to be his pall bearers.

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Seana said...

I also still am not 100% I got sick New Years Day and originally blamed it on how much I had to drink on New Years Eve but it was so much more than a hang over. I am going on line and researching Salmonella. But 5 of us were sick over the holiday I don't think Salmonella is contagious??