Thursday, January 27, 2011

So he loves the mall, he'll make a great husband

Poor Wyatt. It occurred to me that even though Mama is busy building our new nest, he might prefer to do something other than unpack boxes while wearing the same PJs 3 days in a row. So yesterday I took him to the a mall with a nice playarea and food court. We had a nice lunch date and learned that all moms of small ones run out of the play area at 1:30. You'd think Gap Kids was giving away stuff. The perk of that was I did not have to apologize to one mom after Wyatt bonked her sweet baby upside the head! As we were pulling into the mall, my only son says,

"Oh mall! I have missed you! Where did you disappear to? I so happy, Mommy. Thank you!"

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Lisa @ Heaven Sent said...

LOL! Hey, whatever works! We went to Target yesterday for an hour just to get out of the house, and the girls were in heaven. We browsed the toy aisles, picked out our favorite dresses, and even had a hot dog. I think they thanked me 5 times each on the way home!!!