Monday, June 26, 2006

Amelia Kate is 3

My little crazy one is 3 today~officially at 3:29 pm. What I can say about Mimi Kate? We tried for almost 4 years to get pregnant again after Caroline was born. We tried just about everything and were in the middle of the adoption process when I discovered she was coming. We were shocked and thrilled and scared to death since I had already had 3 early miscarriages (well, one not so early) She arrived on a hot June day with Daddy and Aunt Christine chatting over my bed. Amelia screamed through her first bath and has hated the water ever since. She was a great baby and a fireball toddler. And now a preschooler who would prefer to go back to baby status if it means keeping her beloved "pipies" Wow. Where did the time go? So Sweet Mimi, here's to you! We love you to pieces!


Josh Leo said...

wow she was a smiley baby... and a wierd astronaut or something too huh? Hooray for Mimi!!

JD said...

She's sooo cute. I have yet to meet Amelia, but I hear she has quite a personality. Happy Birthday baby!

sara dk said...

happy birthday amelia!

and hello to the rest of the family as well. :)

- josh's girlfriend sara

kkoois said...

happy birthday to my sweet little amelia! hope you had a great day and aren't jonesing for a pipie!

love, kant kim

Mommy Brain said...

Happy Birthday Mimi! I had such a great time celebrating your birthday! You tell your mum that you love the water when your playing with Auntie Christine! Can't believe your 3 already it seems like it was yesterday when we welcomed you into this crazy world!

Love ya,
Auntie Christine & the gang

Carol said...

I never had a girl, and she is soooo cute! The time goes by very fast. I have a 12, almost 11 and 7 year old boys and we watch videos of those years of cute innocense. How fun! The pipie will be gone before you know it...and you will soon say, "What, Amelia had a pacifier?" Happy Birthday, you cutie-patootey!