Wednesday, June 21, 2006

You can put it on the board. . .YES!

OK, so who's the best team in baseball?!?

White Sox 20
Cardinals 6

These are supposed to be the 2 best teams in baseball. This series was much talked about, a preview of October, if you will. Oh yeah!

BUT as a life-long Sox fan once said of us all, "We spend the season one breath away from suicide. We'll choke in September."

Grinder Rule #52
There is no crying in baseball. Unless the champagne gets in your eyes.


JD said...

Okay, I've been wondering when exactly does a baseball game become boring to watch? Is it when they score run #4 in one inning? or run #11? When they have batted around once in the inning? Is it when they score run #15? when exactly do we lose interest in a game like this? I got a bit embarassed for St. Louis last night.

kkoois said...

You silly people. The best team in baseball is the Detroit Tigers. How's the view from down there in second place?