Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I Ask You . . .

Why do men define any movie with fast cars, men jumping out off fast cars, and scantily-clad women on top of fast cars as "good"?

Why does the gas company send me a bill every month? I just paid them.

Why does my 7 year old ask me what hell is while I'm trying to get her to bed?

Why does a 7 month pregnant woman look better in gauchos than me?

Screaming baby. . .Predestination~discuss. I'll be right back.

OK, back.

Why do my girls still throw food on the floor even though the dog is dead?

Why do men feel they need a medal or sex for every act of housework they complete?

Why do they ask me if I want fries with that? Duh!

Why is honesty confused with being not nice?

Why do books cost so much?

Why is 90210 off the air?

Why is it not OK to listen to Guns and Roses in my minivan? While squealing into the church parking lot for VBS?


one hot momma said...

I second that question about 90210 and add another, why do television shows get vacations in the summer? Whoever invented reruns anyway!
Hey Jen,
I've entered my first real blog!

Carol said...

here's one for Christine & Laura: (BUT I'M SURE ALL OF YOU WILL RELATE...)

Why does my child, wearing only socks on his feet, run outside onto the wet concrete, then come tromping into the house onto the newly washed wood floor crying/whining, "Mommy, my socks got all wet!"?(note of frustration here: he HAS to know the concrete is wet...the concrete is a different's darker! Use your eyes! and your brain! And another clue: your brother is there holding a hose with this stuff coming out of's in liquid form - it's called WATER!!!!! Thus, you would think he would conclude that "Hmmm, the ground around here will be WET; so if I walk upon that area, my socks that are upon my feet which are now dry will come into contact with the wetness and will, too, become WET." DUH!!!)

Mommy Brain said...

Doug hoo..."I want my own blog so I can rant against women!" And I said go ahead's free, but you will have to GET YOUR OWN BLOG FRIENDS! and I don't think you can so there!

Yes, they do need a medal. I've never watched 90210 and you can listen to Gun's and Roses whenever you want...just don't expect someone listening to Bryan Adams to pull up next to you any time soon.

JD said...

Honesty being confused with not being nice... uh, had that happen many times. Then my feelings get hurt. I need to just duct tape my mouth shut;)

kkoois said...

what's the deal with you and gauchos?

don't even get me started on 90210. christine - never watched 90210? you best come on over here and i'll get you up to speed and show you what you have been missing for so long...