Sunday, August 06, 2006

Caroline is a Tween

My baby girl is officially no longer a little girl! We have entered the tween years~those exciting years between sweet little girl and sullen teenager.

She loves American Girl dolls and the White Sox. Playing in the dirt and shopping with mom. And the saddest of all for me, no more Gymboree! boo hoo. Oh well, at least I have 2 more to dress as I like.

So Happy 8th Birthday Sweet Caroline! Mommy loves you.


Mommy Brain said...

Happy Birthday Caroline!

Welcome back Jen!

JD said...

Happy Birthday Caroline! You're beautiful:)

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Caroline!!! What a pretty girl you're growing up to be. Have a great day!!! From your Aunt Kim's friend, Amanda

one hot momma said...

Happy Birthday Caroline,
You are so pretty! And much more important than that you're a very sweet girl! It was fun getting to know you this summer when you stayed at Aunt Christine's house! Hope we see you all soon!

kkoois said...

Happy Birthday, my sweet Caroline!! I can't believe you are 8 already. It seems like just yesterday I was there while you were born and holding you all wrapped up in those hospital blankets. I have loved being your aunt so far and watching you grow up to become quite a lovely young lady. We love you!
Aunt Kim, Uncle Jer, and Elise