Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sweet "Baby" Caroline

Caroline was looking at my blog and saw all the baby pics of Amelia on her birthday and as per usual I heard a refrain of "It's not FAIR to ME!" Well, sweetie, I did not own a digital camera til Amelia was 3 months old so there are no baby pics I can put up of you. SSSSSOOOOO. . .here's my attempt at "fairness"~~she's 5 in these pics, baby enough I guess!


Mommy Brain said...

Caroline your pictures are beautiful...don't be jealous of the blog because you have some amazing, wonderful and time filled photo albums that your mom made just for you. I'll bet Amelia's and Greta's don't compare!

~Love Aunt Christine

Aimee said...

Oh come on Jen, you were just jealous of all of my pictures in my blog!! :) Just Joking

Happy Birthday Caroline!!

one hot momma said...

aren't you lucky to have your pics on the internet. Just think, your sisters don't even know what a blog is yet, you do! How about that for unfair! You're beautiful!

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday Caroline!
I love the picture of you with the watermelon. It's so cute!!! Tell you mommy to keep putting pictures on her blog. We like it! :)