Thursday, August 24, 2006

Wowie Kazowie!

Just had to share my joy. Look how well my Ebay auctions did this back to school season! I am SO excited! This is the best per auction haul I think I've ever had. And now Caroline won't wear Gymboree anymore. Boo hoo says my wallet.


Carol said...

Wow, Jen! YOU ROCK! I guess I shouldn't have given my perfect, rarely worn Gymboree outfits to the thrift store, huh? I truly love how your auction page for each item match that item. I think I'm going to try to sell a couple of things on ebay this week, just for starters. I'm going to the post office today to get an idea on shipping costs. Any suggestions?

JD said...

I really, really want to sell everything in my house on ebay. I don't have the gymboree stuff, but I have some baby clothes and other things that I just want to get rid of at any price, But I don't know how to deal with the shipping - the packaging, the price, the going out to the post office with 3 little girls in tow... sounds awful to me. Any pointers ebay queen?

Jen said...

Gather close and I shall share my secrets. . .

1. Shipping Price~
Anything over 1lb can go in a Priority mailer for $4.05 so I usually set shipping at $4.50. Always overestimate. And only ship to the USA til you know what you're doing. I got screwed sending an outfit to Japan.

2. Going to the PO~I DON'T! If you have all your customers pay thru Pay Pal~which I highly recommend~you can print out your postage online and schedule a pick-up. That's right, they come right to your door! You do need to have a postal scale. I bought one of Ebay for $25. It has paid for itself over and over!

3. I start all my auctions at 99 cents. That sucks 'em in. And then you hope that you get gals like Christine once was~moms who see something cute and get caught up in the game of it. Who wants to lose something by 50 cents?! That's how mine go so high.

4. Don't sell anything you do not know about. Like I sold a train horn for my FIL and that was a disaster. People were asking questions and I had no idea! 99% of what I sell is Gymbo and I know it inside and out.

5. In general, baby clothes (unless Gymbo, Gap, Ralph Lauren and higher end) do not do well. You are better off taking them to a consignment shop. Liek even though I love Old Navy, you can get in on clearance at $2.99 so no one is going to pay oodles on Ebay for it.

Hope that helps y'all! I love the thrill of seeing how high stuff will go. I also made enough this year to pay for all 3 girls clothes and tuition for Caroline. Happy Joy. :-)

Amanda said...

Dangit! I forgot to bid! Sorry, Jen...maybe next time. I'm glad you did so well though...that's awesome!!! :)
I once shipped to Germany...I had to get an old hs friend to translate some stuff because I couldn't understand what in the world the guy was asking me. Now I only ship to US.
I sold all of Adam's baby clothes a while ago, and did pretty well. The buyers were all from out in the boonies, though, so going to the mall wasn't worth it for them...yay for me! :)

Mommy Brain said...

Holy C$*p! You did awesome! Your auctions look so professional now! I love the Bon Voyage one with the kitty on each section title cool! It's funny that you start everything at .99 now...remember when you first started that and said it was C$*p! And your pictures look good too! Love the close ups!

Mommy Brain said...

Tired of this one please!

Mommy Brain said...


Amanda said...

Amen, Christine...let's have an update already!!! :)

JD said...

Hey - she's busy shipping out her stuff - give her a break:)

So Jen, how do you package your stuff? Where do you buy the boxes? Does the priority shipping box cost $4.05? And then no postage on top of it? How much can fit in there?

Feel free to email me all of your secrets instead of posting a comment - I probably should have emailed instead of this - sorry!

I really want to get started getting rid of some of these outfits that never fit at the right time, but still have tags, or some lots of play clothes, but have no idea how to go about doing it and am scared I'm going to get screwed somehow... I already got screwed trying to sell my baby bjorn. okay, thats it:) (I think)