Friday, August 11, 2006

Say Cheese

This is not the actual pictures~just ones from when we got home so you can see the cute tops we found. Greta was not stopping for the paparazzi this afternoon.
I took the girls for pictures today. What an adventure that turned out to be. Caroline loved getting her pictures taken~she would actually throw a fit if we walked past the Picture People with out getting pics. Because of this I was always very smug about getting great photos of kids~"What do you mean little Susie hates picutres?" I thought it was obviously the mom's fault that her kids didn't cooperate. And then came Amelia. That girl has hated every camera ever pointed at her. Where Caroline would ham it up all over the place, Amelia scowled and pouted. Her 2yr pics feature a pose of her sitting on a stool with her legs so wide open she looks like she is sitting on the can. And Greta you ask? Greta is in between. She likes the attention but is easily overwhelmed by too much of it. She was standing on her head in waiting area but refused when the camera tried to capture her 1 yr old silliness. What I really wanted was a great pic of all 3 girls and one good one of each. I kinda got that~only after much bribing and my lap becoming the "stage" I have to give a shout out to Glamour Shots~they rock. They use digital so they took about 50 shots and they will do them all together, alone, whatever I wanted. They also curled Caroline and Amelia's hair which rocked their world. They even went as far as to re-do Amelia alone after we saw the proofs and didn't have a great one of her alone. I love them. I ended up with a 10x13 of all 3, a 8x10 close up of each girl, a 8x10 full-length of each girl, and 3 5x7s and 48 wallets for $208 total~including handle fee and tax. Pretty good deal for all they did. And they are SO nice and helpful. Only thing I don't like is I have no online proofs so I can't post 'em here for you all. So you will all just have to wait for Christmas. Or Kwanzaa. Or Hanankah. Or Ramadah.


Mommy Brain said...

They look SOOOO grown up!

I remember Jen with one highly photogenic kid!!! Caroline even won the Picture People contest when she was little! It was hard to compete...I love Amelia!!!!!

Amydeanne said...

found your blog from the cwo blogroll.
beautiful daughters! I'm laughing so hard over your dutch calvinst list lol my hubby is dutch, so those are sooo true for our family lol Thanks for the good laugh!

Aimee said...

They are so cute!! I can't wait to see the real pics.

Am I starting to rub off on you?!? :)

Jen said...

Why are you home on a Friday night reading my blog?! We should be out. . .oh yeah. I can't. GGGRRRR!

kkoois said...

how long will those poor girls have to wear matching clothes?