Monday, November 27, 2006

The Answers. . .

Question #1
What month was I born in?

Question #2
What was my black lab's name?
Ashley Correct!
**A bit of a trick question as I did have dogs named Oliver and BJ at one time**

Question #3
What is my favorite movie ever?
Top Gun
Dead Poet\'s Society
When Harry Met Sally Correct!
**Another trick as these are all in the top 5 but When Harry Met Sally trumps 'em all.

Question #4
What's my favorite fast food restaurant?
Burger King
Wendys Correct!
White Castle
**Though I can see why Christine got that wrong. I made her eat White Castle to try and get me in labor with Amelia.

Question #5
My first job was at the mall. What store?
The Limited
The Gap
County Seat Correct!
**I sold Guess jeans at Chicago Ridge Mall**

Question #6
What is the one fruit I hate?
Bananas Correct!
**Bananas are just icky.

Question #7
Who was my first boyfriend?
Mike J Correct!
**Another trick. Techincally, Mike J was the correct answer. However, Doug was probably my first "real" boyfriend. Like we actually went on dates and stuff as opposed to just making out at Sandy Mels parties when Mike and I were "going out" in 8th grade. And Lance, only in my dreams!

Question #8
Where do I go to church?
Faith CRC
Crown Point CRC
Crossroads Correct!
**Um, Aimee, you go to church with me and you got this wrong. Hello?

Question #9
What is my favorite band?
Bon Jovi
All of the above Correct!
**Love 'em all.

Question #10
What is my favorite TV show ever?
Little House on the Prairie Correct!
St Elsewhere
Days of our Lives
**Long live Half Pint and Almanzo. I love him.


Aimee said...

I know, I'm a big fat MORON!! I saw the Cro for Crown Point CRC, and I was just too quick and clicked on that one instead of Crossroads! Oops! :)

Mommy Brain said...

I got Wendy's right it was the movie and the band I screwed up on. But you know me and pop I suck at it! Besides I thought you'd of picked Bon Jovi all the way!

Carol said...

I, too, think bananas are just plain icky. However, I love banana bread.

Heaven Sent said...

Sorry, I love bananas, but it was fun to learn about my blogging friend that I kinda know, but kinda don't! :)

i am not said...

I've never seen an episode of Little House, but given the names Little Pint and Almanzo, I don't think I'm missing anything.

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