Friday, November 17, 2006

Fashion Friday

Since I do consider dressing my daughters to be an Oympic sport~hey, I gotta be good at something~I'm flat-out copying Lisa's idea of Fashion Friday. It also gives me something post about other than all my angst. So here they are in all their glory! :-)

First we have a teeny newborn Greta in Playtime Piggy from Gymboree, that set is a Size Preemie!

Next is Amelia at 3 months in an awesome Tommy patchwork jumper I actually got at a garage sale! What a deal!

Last but not least is kindergarten Caroline in a great Gymboree Poppies set~we have had that set in 3 different sizes she loved it so much!

Thanks for looking and will someone PUH-LEEZE tell me how to make my posts with pics pretty?!?!?


i am not said...

Nope - I will not help you fix your photos, when your photos don't line up with the text, mine look even better:) Ha Ha!!!

Heaven Sent said...

Love the outfits! And copying is more than fine with me -- you just have to promise to post a comment every Friday, and I'll do the same! :)

melissa :) said...

Ok, yea, cute girls and all. :)

More important topic - how come I think I have the VERY same rocker?????? LOL!!!!