Friday, November 10, 2006

Greta and the Staple Gun

We had an interesting trauma last week. We were at MOPS cleaning up (well, chatting) and Greta takes a dive onto the iron table base. I'm thinking she's ok, just whacked her noggin. I'm snuggling her and I say to Shawnie, "I taste blood. Did I cut my lip?" No, but blood is covering the back of Greta's head. And I missed this, how?

So to be safe (and cuz he's less than a mile up the road) we stopped to see good ole Dr Stroman. It goes something like this.

I walk in and announce "I don't have an appointment but we've got a head wound!"

And what does Tae Ni say? "I LOVE head wounds!" Takes a look at her and says, "Yep, ya gotta take her for stitches." Groovy.

Then Cool Nurse with the Nosering Lisa yells from the back, "We've got the staple gun!"

Um, hello? Did you say GUN?!? And STAPLES?!?!?! So Tae Ni whips out the gun, pulls her hairback and before I can spit out "Doesn't she need ANESTHESIA?!?!" He puts 2 staples in head.

So now Miss Greta-Boo has metal in her head and will not be passing through security anytime soon. She didn't even flinch. Wow.

And I know all of you are asking yourself "What become of her outfit with all that blood?" Worry not, I think I can save the outfit~great set from Petting Zoo. (OK, quit laughing behind my back. I made $1600 bucks this week. :-P ) I tried to check it discreetly while holding her and Shawnie caught me.


kkoois said...

oh, my poor little greta! what a trooper she is!

and just so you know, i would have been worried about ruining the outfit also if that had happened to elise. and that is because there is about a 90% chance that elise would be wearing one of your loaned outfits that i would have to return to you when finished so you could sell it on ebay.

Heaven Sent said...

Poor peanut. A trooper indeed!

Nice to know staples are handy for heads as well as paper...

Aimee said...

You know that if I were there, I'd be trying to get the outfit off for you without getting more blood on it! :)

Carol said...

OWW! Glad she's okay!

Mommy Brain said...

Tae Ni? Am I missing a piece of the puzzle? Way to be a trooper, have you caught your breath yet? Blood is scary...and not just because it gets on outfits. I can handle other people's blood but from my own child...mommy's should never have to see their own child bleed. Sorry you had to go through that!

Jen said...

That's Dr Stroman's first name.